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Ok….I’m Back!!

So I’ve been MIA for a long while.. Why?  Well this is a blog about me pursuing bodybuilding or at least looking like a bodybuilder. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs which hasn’t made doing what i need to do easy. Work has stressed me out, I was emotionally and mentally not ready for dieting and training, I’m lazy and I hate dieting cause food tastes so good and I hate where i live. BTW Northern Cali has like NO good gyms and the one near me is just so crowded and the ambiance sucks too. Every time I walk into that damn gym I swear I’m instantly pissed.  Not to mention the cost of living here is ridiculous…like WTF. I can’t afford to eat the way I need to eat when most of my money is going to rent. So wrap all that shit together and you get me…or what I have been dealing with for the past year. Struggling to get my mind right when obstacles (of my own control and not of my own control) decide to get in my way. Well. I’m done with that shit now.  I’m ready to do what I need to do.

In a year I will be 30…and I would have not accomplished my dream of attaining my dream physique. That would piss me the hell off if I went through not just another birthday, but a huge milestone having not accomplished anything by the age of 30.  So…I have a 1-2 year plan for myself. Not just with bodybuilding,but with life. Hopefully in about 6 months or so I will be moving out of this expensive hole to somewhere warmer and more my speed. With better gyms, less cost of living and the ability to go back to school and get my RN and ya never know…maybe take another step with my relationship status :).

So with all that said. I’m training regularly, waking up at 4:45am in the morning..trecking my tired ass to the gym and training and I’m dieting. It’s kind of strict right now…which makes me nervous cause it will make it difficult later on down the road to fight off plateaus when they come because there aren’t that many options that allows for tightening up an already tight diet. But oh well….i really don’t want to consume in order to make this work i’m just going to have to quickly introduce some healthy fats in my diet…because an only Protein diet is tough and can be counterproductive..lmao

So here goes…I’m at it again. It’s been 11 days…i’m fucking tired and worn out….but I have to keep going…cause 30 comes too soon.


Gluten is my enemy

For years I’ve known competitors who were so in tune with their bodies that they could easily identify each food and how it makes their body feel, how it improves or effects performance and how it helps their body. I’ve always envied these people. If I knew my body well enough to know EXACTLY what I needed to do to get more muscle or lose fat efficiently or how it can improve my strength and cardiovascular in the gym that would be AMAZING.  Unfortunately even now after 2.5 years of trying to attain my dream physique I’m still struggling in identifying my body’s needs.

The good thing is…I’m progressing. Just the other day after never noticing it before I get a very common reaction after eating a meal. It only then hit me. I only get this reaction from my body when I’m eating certain foods. Grains!! My stomach hurt like no other and after only eating the sandwich within 10 minutes I noticed that my body felt sluggish immediately. I hadn’t had any carbs all day and that was the first time that day I really honed in on what was going on. No I don’t think I have celiac disease, but I do think that I have an intolerance to gluten.

I’m a first generation African American. Both my parents are from Nigeria and I still have a large amount of cousins, aunts and uncles still living their. Their natural diet is meat and fruit and some veggies. Grains is almost non existent or in a gluten-less form. As with most foreign countries rice is a staple food. Rice has no effect on my body negatively (unless I eat them in portions of 1 cup or more), but grains in general cause negative reactions in my body.

Once upon a time I was drawn to a specific diet that I found interesting. Of course at the time I was in the middle of my 1st prep in 2011 and I just thought it was interesting, didn’t pay it any mind. Well now based on my findings I’m beginning to think there is some truth to this diet. It’s call the Blood Type diet. It explains how based on your blood type and origin that you respond better to certain foods. Because I’m African and I have a blood type of O, I respond very well to meat, fruits and some veggies and horribly to grains other than gluten free grains like rice.

The plan now that I found all of this out?? For the next week..I’m going gluten free (or Paleo as some call it). I’m going to steer completely clear of grains that I can’t have as well as the processed foods that use them. Plain and simple. I want to see what my body does, how it it performs.

What I find ironic is that as a female bodybuilder protein is essential. What I think is hilarious is that gluten is essentially plant/grain protein. My body needs protein, but rejects plant proteins. HA HA HA.  I’m truly a carnivore. I guess bodybuilding and building mass amounts of muscle was REALLY what I was meant to do 🙂 🙂

Price you Pay

So…I cheated on my diet yesterday. 😦

And all morning I’ve felt like shit. It’s my own damn fault. Yesterday I had some ice cream. Sure it wasn’t a lot in quantity, but OMG…apparently it did horrible things to my system. My body totally did not like it at all!! And to make matters worse I know I’m lactose intolerant, but I so wanted that ice cream!! I felt full the second I woke up. I swear I didn’t train as well as I should have because I didn’t have my pre-workout meal. AND…I was still so full after training that I didn’t have my post-workout protein shake. I’m causing my body damage. Sure it might not seem like much, but every little thing makes a difference. EVERY..LITTLE..THING…

The thing I have to remember, or anyone who is a competitor or someone just trying to get in shape, is you MUST remember the few moments of pure pleasure from that deliciously fatty food you crave so bad is so not worth it. I would rather wake up in the morning with abs, have dense hard muscle with limited fat on my body ALL DAY LONG in the long run, than to only have a few moments of pleasure. It’s so NOT WORTH IT. Sure in that moment when you’re craving that food you KNOW you’re not supposed to takes all the mental capacity to tell yourself NO. You make up all kinds of excuses like “I’ve been so good on my diet”, “I’ve worked so hard” , “it’s only going to be one cheat food…it can’t hurt”, but the problem does hurt!! It’s so much more difficult to be strict on your diet when you just got away with having some bad food.

Personally I’m not sure how other competitors who are allowed cheat meals during prep are able to cope. On one had the pro to having a cheat meal once a week during prep is that you look forward to that one meal where you can have whatever you want so you make sure that throughout the week you stay strict with your diet, you try hard to make it to that prize. On the other hand, once you have that’s almost like you have to start ALL OVER AGAIN on your diet. It was already hard to start the first time, but now you have to reset and not let the cravings get to you.

From my experience when you start a diet and you eat clean for about 3 weeks most of the cravings don’t have that need to stop and buy a bag of chips, cause you don’t want it. So I imagine…having a cheat meal during the week…and then when it’s over…I would have to fight the urge to do it again. I would be such a failure if I were allowed cheat meals 😦

So anyway…now I’m paying the price. I don’t want to cheat…it’s horrible for me because it makes me feel unaccomplished. I have too much ground to cover in my diet and training and developing this dream physique to waste it on minutes of horrible processed food. I just need to keep my mind in check.

I just need to keep my mind in check and I will succeed.



I feel like I’m walking underwater and I’ve just taken an antihistamine. DROWSY!!! Yes..I feel THAT bad. Monday/Tuesday were my low carb days on my carb cycle. Monday wasn’t a training day so it was about 45 grams of carbs (1 meal) and Tuesday was about 75 grams of carbs (Meals before and after morning training). So in 2 days..I’ve had about 120 grams of carbs. Going from 250 grams daily to dropping that low..OMG.

I’m so so so tired!!!

Good thing is….today is a High carb day, but my body is still responding to the lack of carbs from the last 2 days. I’ve never felt so sluggish in my life. This is AWESOME!! Not because of the lack of carbs and me feeling like a complete zombie..not at all.  This is awesome because it means my body is absorbing my food the way it needs to be. I have done carb cycling before (never during a prep though) and this is the first time I’ve had such a rapid response to a low carb day. It means I’m doing something right. I’m all about making sure that I am being accountable for my actions and making sure that whatever it is that I’m doing is effective. So I’m a happy girl.

Not only is my extreme tiredness a good sign, but what’s also a good sign is is that it’s been about 26 days since I’ve started my prep. It takes about 21 days to create a habit. That fact is so very important. It has been my driving force and motivation ever since I’ve decided to take on this life style. I would remind myself of this fact every time I started a diet. I knew that all I had to do was be consistent for 21 days straight. And after 21 days all the stress would fall away. I’ve never felt more secure in that fact ever before until now. It took almost no effort to not give into my cravings yesterday. Being so low on carbs and so drowsy my mind kept wandering to just stopping by a McDonalds or going to the grocery store and buying some chocolate. Normally in that state of mind I would give in. NO where throughout my day did I even consider any of those things past that one thought. NO..not because I had extreme will power and not because I am determined to change my physique. It was because now that I’ve created a habit..breaking it was almost impossible for me to fathom.

I’m so proud of myself for being so strict with everything. I wake up at 5 am and yea sure I might not leave the bed till 5:06 am, but I am to the point now where even without actually doing it..I’ll wake up before my alarm and begin to start getting out of bed. I’m proud of myself because I’m eating all my meals and staying up till midnight some nights to make sure that I’m cooking my food for the next day so I’m prepared because I don’t want the off chance that I wont be able to do it before work the next day. I’m mechanically doing what it is I need to do to be able to maintain the momentum and the keep the the plan I’ve put in place.




It’s been 3 weeks 2 days since I started my prep…and I’m excited!! I haven’t lost much weight, but as a female bodybuilder who is hoping to keep her size as she leans down…I’m not concerned with the not losing a ton of weight and having the scale change. I’m 235lbs now…I started this prep at 243lbs. I’m 5’9 and if I had my way..I wouldn’t ever drop below 200 ..even in contest weight,  but then again I understand that you don’t always get your way.  And I have to be realistic, but the reason why I am because I’m leaning out…I’m lifting heavy..but for some glorious reason I’m not losing size. Oh hell yes I’m leaning out and other people besides myself can tell. Which is great!!!

There is a saying that when you’re dieting and trying to lose fat/weight…You notice a difference within 4 weeks…others notice the difference within 8 weeks. (I know I totally got the quote wrong, but it’s something along those lines). You get the point. So it’s fantastic that I’m already seeing a huge difference, but I’m not losing size. I measured my biceps today and my left bicep measure 0.5″ bigger than 3.5 weeks ago and my right bicep measured 0.25″ measured. YAY!!! I mean….F*CK YEA!!! And not only that, but my left quad grew 0.5″ from 3.5 weeks ago. Only problem is..I need to be more symmetrical…my right quad is still 30″ and my left is now 30.5″ HA HA HA!! oh well 🙂

I pray that things keep going this well. Yes sure my cravings are kind of out of control every now and then, but if I can keep everything in perspective..I’ll be fine.

So the update this week regarding diet is I’m Carb Cycling. 2 high carb days (carbs for all 6 meals), and 2 low days (carbs only before and after training). the cycle continues throughout the weeks 2 high, 2 low, 2 high…etc. Except on my day off from training (Monday) if it lands on a low day then I have one carb meal in the morning..and if it lands on a high day I have 5 carb meals.


Carb Cycling Calendar (yes..I made this my self in Paint. HA HA)

Updates as far as my training goes: I’m starting training each body part twice a week and we upped cardio 10 minutes from 30 min to 40 min. I’ll admit this change is kicking my ass…I’m completely and totally sore, but I’m still excited. change is good…this can only further help me.

So…full steam into the rest of week 4. I’m looking into buying a very itty bitty bikini…something for motivation..something to get excited about ;). I still haven’t found one I love…but I’m sure I’ll find my dream bikini.

I’m READY!!!

I Don’t like this feeling…

At this very moment I’m completely EVERYWHERE!! I’m emotional to an extreme. I’m not sure what the problem is or where it’s stemming from, but it’s rubbing me the wrong way.

Lately I’ve just felt like either my adrenaline is too high or its so low that i’m sluggish. My fbb friend who is doing my diet asked me if I might need more carbs in my diet. Honestly..I have no idea. I feel like I’m having a good amount of carbs daily, but then again I’m comparing this diet to the one I did in 2011. I think I might have been having the same amount of grams daily..about 230 grams or so of carbs (not including greens of course), but I shouldn’t be comparing the 2. Why??  Well to start..I’m 10lbs heavier than when I started the last prep, but I’ve been adding a ton of muscle for the last 1.5 years. I’m much more muscular and my muscles need the carbs.  And second…I’m training harder than I did before, heavier than I ever have..AND I’m doing cardio. Last prep I didnt start cardio until I was 18 weeks in.  So in short….I NEED MORE CARBS!!

Next…I haven’t been sleeping well. Yea the ZMA I’ve been taking should add for a restful sleep, but I get up at 5 am and I swear it’s almost as though I haven’t slept. Nonetheless I get up and I train 6 days a week..and I do my cardio 6 days a week after work. Naps don’t help..I just feel more unsettled…waking up all groggy and bueno lmao.  So in short…Big Val needs to learn how to calm down and actually rest.

Overall..I do feel great. It’s just the last 2 days I’ve been off my game and I don’t want to ever have an off day. Yes..I’m not such a perfectionist that I don’t understand that things can go wrong and that if it’s out of my control I can’t fix them, but….I’m make this work. I don’t want anything to deviate me. THAT is something I can control…I would just like to make sure that all variables are in line so I can do my best to prevent them from happening.

I’m doing my best to get to know my body and I think based on the last 3 weeks..I’ve been doing a great job. 17 more weeks to go..that’s all. I just need to keep going….

….so that one day I will look like Aleesha Young…HA HA HA (no I’m not joking…I want to look similar to Aleesha Young) 🙂 🙂 🙂

The beautiful, muscular, fabulous Aleesha Young

The beautiful, muscular, fabulous Aleesha Young

I’m going to KILL my liver…

So I’ve been consulting my fbb friend and my other friend (who is an mma coach, but knows a great deal about bodybuilding) and OMG…I’m taking so many supplements.

Most are my choice, mainly from information from my coach from the last prep I attempted and he had me taking a ton of vitamins. This time around I’m taking some extra things mainly for recovery health and muscle maintenance. So…my liver is going to kick my booty when I’m done…but it is so worth it. (Don’t worry..I’m taking necessary supplements and flushes to ensure that I’m not treating my liver like shit just cause Valerie wants to look a certain way..I’m being safe) is a list of some of my supps:




Vitamin E

Vitamin C




Fish Oil

Plant Digestive Enzymes



Fat Burner


I really need to start taking calcium. Every morning I swear I have to choke down this stuff..and I never used to be a person who could stomach that MANY pills at once, but now…now I’m swallowing a’s insane.

This time around..I’m going to make damn sure I’m perfect…so that the system WILL excuses 😉

Ha..And here we go again :)

So it’s been a while.

I haven’t blogged much. I usually cease blogging when I don’t have anything positive to talk about. It’s not my thing to complain about the things that I can change, but am too lazy or too pessimistic to change.

So the great thing is…I’m no longer being negative nor am I being lazy. It’s been about a week now…and I’ve started a new bodybuilding prep. It’s not for any show in particular, but it’s time to start kicking my own ass and at least GET to the level of bodybuilding I want my physique to be ready for. Who knows…at the end of this 20 week prep I might think I look fantastic and I might randomly step on stage somewhere. Or..I could look at my physique and realize I need more planning, building, growing, leaning out…who knows. Either way…This chic is going to be dieting hard for the next 20 weeks.

The good thing although this is going to be difficult..I’m not doing it alone. I recently moved to Northern Cali and met a wonderful Facebook friend of mine in person who just happens to be a seasoned female bber 🙂 (yay!) She is currently designing my prep and working with me on my training schedule. AND…she is doing it with me. She is performing her magic on me and the beautiful muscular bodybuilder that I am will shine through :)..just leaner..with more muscle.

So here is a brief overview of my training and diet:

Friday: Chest (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Saturday: Quads (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Sunday: Back (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Monday: Biceps/Triceps (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Tuesday: Hamstrings/ Calves  (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Wednesday: Shoulders/Traps (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Diet is pretty basic for a bodybuilding diet. Egg whites, oats, lettuce, chicken, broccoli, white rice, chicken, sweet potato, tilapia, some fruit, chicken, protein powder…(yes I realized i said chicken like 3 times…but that’s the point…CHICKEN!!!).

The problem I encountered in my last failed 26 week prep was that 1. I didn’t have enough built muscle to sustain because prior to last prep I was just naturally muscular. I didn’t have an off season and I didn’t build that it was hard keeping it. 2. I have never been an over eater. Though I was fat my biggest issue is that I didn’t eat enough food for my size and I didn’t drink enough water for my size…so technically I starved my body for years unintentionally. So because of that…during my last prep I was always always full to the point where I would omit my last 2 meals because I just couldn’t eat. The great thing is…it’s only been a week..and I swear I’m hungry ALL THE TIME!!! So yay for the metabolism 🙂 🙂 And..I’ve had over a year to build substantial muscle so I’m ready to cut all this bull shit off of it so it can present itself.

So..I’m excited. And ready..and determined. This is going to be great 🙂

And on that note..I’m going to leave you with my Exaggerated Dream Body 🙂 (yes I know her proportions are off, but I like her bigness)


Part 1 of The Plan

Been MIA for a while..just building muscle and finding out what works best for my body for growth and what works best for my body in regards to leaning out and keeping my growth.

I’m ready to start a new plan.

Part 1 consists of an 8 week diet and training plan. the idea is to lean out while aiming to still train heavy and keep the mass I built. There will be some cardio (LAME), there will be lots of picking up heavy things and putting them down *wink* and there will be a diet. A diet where I’m determined to meet every expectation from my coach 100%. No deviating..NO MATTER WHAT.

This is not a could call this the post prep, but the idea is to primarily get my metabolism firing. I found that the last time Ii started a prep the first 8 weeks were the best 8 weeks of prep. Why? Well…I lost a good amount of fat, established good eating habits, felt great, got stronger and gave it my all. So basically I’m taking those first 8 weeks and pushing it to the max.

After this first phase of my plan..I will take a week off from training and cool it on the strictness of my diet without losing the principals. THEN..then Part 2 will start. And then..I will go full steam.

I have plans…BIG plans 😉 Stay tuned.

Starting a new…

For the past 8 weeks or so..I’ve been on a strange, unstructured yet rewarding path. Don’t worry..I’m still aiming to be the biggest female bodybuilder, I’m just experimenting with my body to identify the best way to get there. Trying to learn how my body reacts to certain foods, certain training regimens, different patterns of sleep and so on. Because if I plan to gain the amount of muscularity and size that I’m striving to reach, I’m going to have to learn what I can and CAN’T put in my body to be able to do what I need to in order to get where I need to be.

So basically for the last 8 weeks I’ve deviated from the structured diet that I was on for the 1st 25+ weeks of this year and pretty much went rogue. Now no worries..I didn’t completely go awall, I just added in a ton more carbs, ate less greens (don’t judge..I hate veggies, but I took my vitamins) and tried my best to get in as much food as possible.  I’ll admit, I was having a harder time than normal trying to drink my 1.5 gallons of water a day and you’d think that that should be easy since I added sodium back into my diet, but..umm…yea no…no matter what I just couldn’t drink enough. And of course..I was indulging in some NOT so good food, but surprisingly I found that with the bad food and the lack of water and the high sodium in my diet..I realized that my body didn’t respond as negatively as I would have thought. That’s still no excuse for eating the way I did..and that WILL change.

Grow baby Grow!!!

I’ve also been working really hard on increasing my strength these last 8 weeks. I’ve put myself on a “Lift 5-20lbs more than you did last week” regimen (LMAO) and wow..with all those carbs I was able to increase my lifts…A LOT!!! All my lifts went up about 75%-125% from June (when I ended prep) till now. I am very impressed with myself. I’ve also deviated from volume training (which I CANNOT bring myself to do). I found out that during this mini strength journey that I am a complete MeatHead and lifting more than 10 reps in a set totally SUCKS, but I’m ok with that..I love that I’m a MeatHead..I love the way it makes me feel and it helps with my mini ego (aka my Bigorexia..hee hee). So all my training has been less reps, more lifts, heavy, heavy, heavy and tons of grunting!!

I’m planning on starting a new, but most of the change will be to my diet. Overall I think I’ve done well with my training/diet. The goal was to get stronger and bigger and I accomplished that. I won’t say how much I grew (cause I also gained some fat), but all in all I grew a good amount of muscle too..which I’m OH SO HAPPY about :).  The diet will be more cleaned up, but still have a high amount of calories and carbs. Most likely going to add in alot more protein and of course..more water and veggies and NO added sodium. I found that with the sodium intake I craved bad food more than normal, and I loved the way it felt when I didnt have sodium in my made the desire to consume salty/sweet foods alot less.

My goal for the next 7.5 weeks (till Jan 1st) is to get BIGGER..get STRONGER, but this time..tighten things up and become HARDER!! I’m very blessed that I’m able to grow at the rate I’m growing at. And personally although my diet wasn’t clean as hell, I do think that that aspect of it will help my body better respond to this next phase.

Oh..and yea..I’m not sure what I’m going to do about cardio..THAT is still up in the air (I’m a lifter..we don’t like cardio..ha ha ha).

So wish me luck…I’ve got alot of growing to do 😉