Day 2 of my 3 Day Detox

So yea.

Last night it was a struggle. No I wasn’t hungry from only drinking my shakes all day yesterday, I was just craving the sensation of being able to chew. I was craving everything from chips because of the crunch, sushi because I love that fishy chewy seaweed to Fufu (Nigerian Dish) because of the flavors of the stew.  I’m still salivating, but knowing that I got through 1 entire day of not eating makes me feel GREAT!! And it’s not that I’m not eating per say…it’s that I’m not chewing my food.

My mind does keep drifting to the fact that never in my life have I ever gone a day without protein. I’m Nigerian…I NEED protein for every meal…to not have meat protein in my mind feels like my muscles are shrinking and eating themselves. I just keep telling myself that I’m almost 1/2 way through and when I’m done…I’ll feel so much better healthwise..I just have to stick to it.

I’ve already picked my first meal.’s been decided..lmao


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