It’s all a science

Ugh..I’m so fucked!!!

So I’m clearly aware that by missing meals I’m only sabotaging myself, but to hear it from someone who I believe knows their shit…

So the boyfriend sent me a link of Evan Centaponi getting a deep tissue massage. As he is getting his massage he is discussing his muscle density and health with the masseuse. She mentions how she can tell when your body is in ketosis or dehydrated or if you have received or haven’t received massages in a while AND..she can tell when you have missed meals because of how the muscle feels. Basically in the video she said “you can actually lose 1 lb of muscle if you miss 3 meals in a day”…WTF??!!??!  I’m a huge culprit of not eating my meals. Fuck!!! Sure I’ve gotten so much better, but knowing that information is like a slap in the face. I’m all about the science and proof of stuff so I totally believe her. It just blows my mind, for her (she does massages for a lot of pros) to be able to notice when your  muscle has buckled in on itself because your body isn’t getting the right nutrients and is therefore eating the muscle…totally makes me feel like shit. I suck!!!

I need to eat more food ASAP.

I need to go research some good recipes so I won’t be struggling with my chicken/broccoli meal…cause that is just too damn strict and it makes me want to skip that meal.

Ugh..I suck at dieting.


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