Something isn’t right

I might need to actually schedule a doctor’s appointment.

I hate doctor’s (ironic since I want to be a nurse for the rest of my life..ugh). I don’t trust them…I also don’t want them to give me bad  news, but something isn’t right and I might have to go get my blood tested.

Typically when you start on a diet with the right macro nutrients and you eat very 2-3 hours your metabolism starts to take off. And you’ll notice because you’ll be very hot..and sometimes very thirsty. Well I’ve been on my strict diet for 2 weeks now. And..I’m feeling none of those reactions. On the contrary…I’m feeling extremely cold. Very cold. It’s 69 degrees outside…it’s 3:01pm…and I’ve had my space heater on all day. I can’t seem to get warm. My hands stopped physically feeling cold as of an hour ago..but I’m sitting here right now with 80 degrees blowing against my leg..and there is an all over chill throughout my body.

I was sick about 3 weeks ago…and I thought I got over it…i just pray that i’m not sicker than I thought (pneumonia). But then could be my fault. I might not be sick…it could be because my macro nutrients are off. I currently have a bad habit of having basically only protein in my diet. Not a lot of carbs if you don’t count broccoli and definitely not enough fats. Sooo. not good.  So my metabolism not revving…could be all my fault. Problem is..I supplemented in some potatoes for my 3rd meal today…and I just couldn’t get them down. So I’m going to have to start playing around with some healthy fats because this being cold thing all the time can’t be good for my body. It just can’t be.

So for now (because I’m stubborn)..I’m going to hold off on seeing a doctor…cause all they will tell me is that “bodybuilding is unhealthy and you should be having a more balanced diet”. Yes…i’m saying this from experience. My Gyno told me as much. *LAME**

I just need to work on my meal planning and if I’m not going to eat that many carbs…then I need to increase my fats.

This shit is a science…..


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