I can’t stand other types of lifters

It’s Monday morning at 9:40am and I’m already annoyed. Why do people who are experienced in other forms of lifting, but have never attempted a training regimine of a bodybuilder think they know so much about what lifts and techniques and diets that bodybuilders need to do to attain the physiques that they need to? I’m tired of hearing from the crossfitters, bikini/figure/physique competitors, powerlifters of the world who think they know ANYTHING about bodybuilders. This is the reason I got rid of my Twitter. I can’t stand them.

Unfortunately because i’m trying to refrain from talking shit about people on my social media sites i’m reserved to come to my blog to vent.

My boyfriend shared a video on his FB about the Top 5 Worst Exercises.  To me…the video was shit. Yea some of the exercises on there are usually done incorrectly, but some of them were what I would consider necessary to building muscle. There are so many types of body types out there where certain lifts help them gain muscle and then the other lifts that are more standard don’t work so well for them. For example…for whatever reason I suck at DB Shrugs and Barbell Shrugs..not only do I suck at the movement but I get no pump or growth from my traps at all.  Through my experience movements like Uprite rows (which was on that list of no no lifts) and cable shrugs work best for me. And lifts like Leg Extensions (which was also on the no -no list) are also lifts that I have found not only are great for warming up my quads for the heavier lifts, but also give me the width I need (which all bodybuilders need).  So from my perspective those lifts ARE necessary, I don’t care what any powerlifter or wannabe lifter thinks they know about developing muscle and defining muscles thinks they know. If they are not experienced with this type of shit then they should shut their mouths. Throughout my entire comment on my bf’s post I mentioned several times that my perspective is through the eyes of a bodybuilder…but for some reason people think that they MUST know more than me even though they have never trained for the focus on muscle growth or competing in bodybuilding.

That whole altercation annoys the shit out of me. I stopped posting on Twitter because too many Figure/Bikini chics I was following kept thinking they knew more than myself or my coach about gaining muscle or my diet. Why do people think that even without experience they some how have the knowledge to judge other people or try to put in their 2 cents. We live in a world filled with know-it-alls. I wouldn’t be pissed if someone who was an actual bodybuilding competitor stepped in and tried to correct me, but I’m not going to take that shit from someone who is a powerlifter who I personally think (as a powerlifter) lifts with no real purpose at all. That’s MY opinion…but I didnt mention that to her because I need to be “nice” and not create confrontation on FB. Fuck that!!! Don’t step to me about what bodybuilders need to do when you are powerlifter who does 1-3 reps for the idea of strength, but have no idea what it takes to grow and define muscles because that is not YOUR area of experience.

I’m done.


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