What is with this place?

I swear. Explaining diet and fitness to people who aren’t fitness/healthy people never used to be this difficult before. Maybe the people I’m surrounded by are just EXTREMELY stubborn or just EXTREMELY used to being right about things they honestly know nothing about. Either way…I’m so over it.

So today, I notice my allergies acting up more than normal AND I’m colder than normal. I tell my friend, “ugh..I think I might be getting sick” and she make a joke “well it’s your fault for changing up your diet and eating healthy and working out”. I say “yea sure, but i’m eating more than I ever do before so it has nothing to do with being healthy and I rest a lot”.  She preceeds to tell me that food intake “doesn’t matter”. WTF???

Listen.  For some reason the women I work with have decided to become healthier. When I say healthier I mean… in the morning they each eat 1 hard boilded egg. At lunch they basically eat another hard boilded egg and a yogurt or salad. And that is the extent to which they eat in a 8-9 hour day. WTF??????? That’s like 200 calories between 7am to 4pm. (that is usually called starving yourself in most health journals).

They are nice girls honestly, but WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY to question what I eat and how healthy I try to when they are starving themselves? They don’t excersize, but they claim they are getting their protein in and eating well. Umm.. WHAT????

At my last job it wasn’t this hard for people to understand that eating nothing wasn’t good for them and that you shouldn’t question what the fuck i do.  My goals are far different than yours so shut up!!.  My last job I wrote meal plans for people because they knew I knew some of what it is that I am doing. Some in turn actually lost considerable amounts of weight following my plans. Those people were Learners, these people are IDIOTS!!  I swear it’s like a daily challenge. I don’t even bring up what I eat or how much I eat or when I train. I don’t mention any of it at all,but regardless they open their mouths and have something to say about things they know nothing about.



9 responses to “What is with this place?

  • Paul

    Damn, such a shame people have to comment on what they know nothing about. If you gave her a subtle flex and she saw the results of your diligence she’d probably shut up.

  • N

    To be honest I don’t know why you even bother? Probably because it comes from a good heart. But let’s face it. People who aren’t willing to take sound advice just because they think they know best aren’t the people you should put time and effort in ( I know this post is almost a year old but I just found your blog)

    • chocolatemuscle

      Lol thanks. I should be writing more in this blog but I’ve come across a life platue of that makes any sense lol, but yes never know I might be working again soon 🙂 thanks for the support

      • nvndude

        Don’t mention it 😉 I replied to this entry, but I could replied to all of them. I don’t know if the the plateau makes any sense because I don’t know on which plateau you’re currently on :).
        What I do know is that I love your mindset. I started working out for real about a year ago (before that I was just goofing off) and I share your excitement of getting bigger. It is such a rush.
        I think I replied to this entry because it sounded so familiar. Trying to help people to achieve a certain goal while they’re unwilling to take your advice. For me that was a reason to say goodbye to my previous workout partner and start working out with someone who is also serious. It’s not like I’m a drill sergeant forcing you to do stuff.
        What I Iearnt this last year is that my main focus is me and my bulk. I will always help someone if they ask. Because that’s my nature. But it’s a take it or leave it kind of help. I don’t know if this makes any sense or that it makes me sound like a total douchebag. Hopefully not 🙂

      • chocolatemuscle

        lmao. Don’t worry, it makes a lot of sense. I used to be the type of person who wanted to help people. Unfortunately because of my experiences I don’t care as much as I used to. I’ll let them stay ignorant unless they actually seem to want some help. Right now my platue is related to my whole life. Working out used to be a way of release for me…now i’m just stressed out from a place I don’t want to be living in, a job I don’t want to be working at, my gym sucks so bad. All in all everything is influencing my desire to train. It’s left me mentally paralyzed. Don’t worry…I’m working on ways to get myself out of my hole. I just wish it would come sooner.

      • nvndude

        I know what you’re going through. Everything is going against you and it’s like running into a wall on a daily basis. I went through the same thing. Sucky job, sucky house. Didn’t go the gym. Until one day I said:” fuck it” and I turned my life 180 degrees.

        I know that’s easier said than done. But like the chinese verb says :” Even the longest journey begins with the first step” And I think saying :” Fuck it” is a great first step 🙂 What helped me was prioritizing the negativities. Go from what bugs you the most and would contribute the most positive energy when changed and change that first. BTW I’m not some hippieguru but I do strongly believe in influencing the state of mind.:)

        So maybe it’s a good idea to find a new gym first.
        New workout enviroment could be the energyboost you need. I believe that working out is 70% a mental issue. Your body might be able to lift heavy weights, but if your mind doesn’t see it or believe it, it’s not going to happen. Does that make sense?

        Once you got your workouts back to being a release, you can always check new jobs and places. I think you’ll be more successful because your mind is relaxed. But that’s my humble opinion 🙂

        If there’s anything I can do to help let me know. If you need a listening ear, send me an email and I’ll give you my skype. (not going to post that here 😀 🙂 It does help to vent from time to time

  • nvndude

    Oh I forgot to mention this thing I saw on a t shirt once. “Awesome ends with me” 🙂 I know it’s cheesy but use it as a reminder that you’re an unstoppable powerhouse.;)

  • N

    Hey how are you doing?

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