Are you F*cking Serious?

I swear..I really do my best not to come out as that bitch, but I swear sometimes people just know exactly what buttons to push to just make me annoyed as all hell.

For years I have been dieting or following a mostly healthy regimine. Sometimes it’s incredibly strict sometimes it’s more lenient. For the past few months I’d say I’ve been eating about 60% Prep clean. So then today, why does my coworker walk into my office and ask me “Hey, do you have any snacks?”  First of all I never have snacks, but then she preceeds to say after i kindly said “no, sorry…are you hungry?” 

“What are you on some type of health kick?”

WTF??!!??! Some time of “health kick”. Shit this is the same chick who is constantly questioning everything I eat, and constantly rolling her eyes when we start getting into what is healthy for the body and muscle ect, but out of no where calls my thing  a “health kick”. NO DAMNIT, I’m doing the same shit I always do just stricter!! This is not something new. Since she has known me (1 year) I am the female bodybuilding in the office who works out too much and eats annoyingly too clean.

Yea it was one little comment, but the way she said it was like i was “uppity”. Like being healthy and NOT having snacks makes me think I”m on some type of fuckin pedestal. I really hate shit like that. to go do cardio.

I just had to rant about that for a little bit.


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