I’ve never felt so broken in my entire life

Pain like this should not exist

The pieces of my heart are hardening with every second

becoming no more than solid rock

I clutch my chest to try to save it knowing that it was gone all along

not only did you take it..but even the space that it used to fill is becoming black with the tar you left behind

Pieces of me that I once knew are gone..stolen

I’m staring at you, shaking you, screaming at you

praying that some of those words will penetrate something in you

that you will see me. that you will finally hear the words I’ve been trying to tell you,

but no matter how hard I fight, how hard to try to keep faith you don’t hear or see me

Because of you I question His existence

He would never lie to me, so then why am I hear torn, broken, lost?

Its because of you, because no matter what I say..you will NEVER hear me

NEVER see me.

I’m here with a pain I can’t even begin to explain

The only word I have for it is shattered

I will never get back the parts of me you ruined

I will never be me again.

All be cause you CHOSE to ignore that which is me

which is perfect

which was perfect…for you.


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