Hard lessons cause change

So yea…I will NEVER EVER do that again.

I was already having a tough day today. Didn’t take my medicine this morning cause I’m trying to take 2 days off from training. I REALLY need to train in the morning or I’m a disaster for the rest of the day. If it isn’t obvious by now..my “medicine” is training. Without my medicine I was groggy and sluggish, easily annoyed and not as vibrant. Screw this “off two days a week” bull shit. I need to train every morning!!!!

Also because I totally sucked today..I failed to drink enough water. Let me tell you. BAD IDEA!! I was fine without the water. Hell before bodybuilding I barely drank water. It never occurred to me how very important it is to have my water. Yes..I know the rules behind why you need to stay hydrated, but just because you know doesn’t mean you understand.

Today after work I attempted to do my 40 min of cardio on the step mill. Don’t  worry..I did it, but it was the toughest thing I have done in a while. I could barely maintain a 2 speed because my heart was pumping like crazy. I was sweating so hard and breathing so hard you would think I had 50lbs more fat on me and was a smoker. It was the worst feeling. And now that the weather is getting warmer I’m going to REALLY need to stay hydrated.

So yea…fuck that shit…I need to end this stupidity and learn from what happened today. So…here are my rules:

Rule 1: Train in the morning daily. Doesn’t matter how much I want to stay curled up in bed and sleep…I need my medicine!!!

Rule 2: Drink Drink Drink!! Water is going to make EVERYTHING better…so I need to drink it no matter what.

Ok..that’s it. Now I must take my mandatory nap. Without sleep..I can’t grow 😉


3 responses to “Hard lessons cause change

  • Eric

    Ignore the comments maybe the responders will go away lol

  • Eric

    You will understand soon enough good luck on your endeavors. Remember put God first or you’ll forever stay wondering and thinking about the confusing what ifs. Hes the is the only one that has never failed me.Trust in no man. Like I said you will understand soon enough. Thank you for letting me peek into a small piece of your world. Don’t let it consume you love ya babe. May heaven smile on you its been fun Mr. Detroit is gone

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