New Ideas

So as we already know, I’m addicted to getting more muscle, getting bigger…being huge…blah blah blah. So I’m always looking for new lifts that I TRUST that can get me that extra size that I desire. Recently I’ve just been sticking to the basics like Bench Press, Curls, Squats, Rows…all the usual lifts. I haven’t been venturing out of the tried and true methods that I know gains size and I know gains size on me.

Recently I’ve been getting a few new ideas on size growth from a friend of mine who I follow on instagram, facebook, twitter.. etc. Bobby Ashhurst is AWESOME!! I’m serious. Why?? He totally just is. I first witnessed his awesomeness when I was in Phoenix with my Bodybuilding coach about 2 years ago. We ventured to a gym in Scottsdale so he could show me posing. It just so happened that this gym, Independence Gym, had a very awesome posing room, including lights and a mock stage and mirrors. It was pretty much the dream posing room.  The day I saw Bobby for the first time he wasn’t a NPC Physique Pro yet, Physique had just started and he was there…posing. It was a posing seminar including all competitors, but it says a lot when out of 30 people you recognize and notice only one person. That day I never knew his name, but he stood out enough to me that when I saw him again…I knew him immediately.

So anyway..back to why Bobby is awesome.

Recently he put up a post on his instagram about Spider Curls..and the benefit and how they add size to the biceps. Before then I had only done them once and totally didn’t understand the benefit. Since he posted it…I’ve been doing them every time I’ve done biceps (twice a week)…I’m totally excited!! Measuring my biceps, they haven”t grown, but honestly they are far more dense than they used to be…which is amazing in this short amount of time since my arms haven’t shrunk past the 18.5″ they are when flexed. (I’m not a fan of losing THIS to the best thing that could happen). So…it’s totally working!!!

Bobby Ashhurst - Reverse Spider Curls

Bobby Ashhurst – Reverse Spider Curls

Last night the genius Bobby posted another lift (“Exercise of the Day”) on his instagram page and once again pointed out the benefits to how it is more productive and can aid in quicker, more sculpted muscle gain. Reverse Grip Bench. What sold me on this lift??? “This exercise is actually a superior movement than incline bench for upper pec development. There is a 30% increase in muscle fiber activity for this movement vs only a 5% increase with incline bench press.” THAT…THAT right there. I basically perform 2:1 on Incline bench as to opposed to the other bench presses.  That Incline Bench lift is my dream come true, but THIS..the Reverse Grip Bench…will become my newest most favorite lift EVER!! I totally trust in Bobby’s expertise and look forward to trying this lift on my next chest day.

Bobby Ashhurst - Reverse Grip Bench

Bobby Ashhurst – Reverse Grip Bench

Anyway…if you don’t know who he is already. Find him, follow him..I totally think he is a genius!!!

twitter: @Bobby_ Ashhurst


Totally excited to GROW!!


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