I have the worse luck with men..I swear!!!

As a woman who is pursuing a muscular physique I will ONLY date men who are interested in women who have muscle. Pretty simple really. When you’re dating someone you want to be sexually appealing to the one you’re with. It doesn’t make sense to date someone who doesn’t think your body is sexy. So…I only date men who are into female muscle.

Problem is…there are 2 types of men who like female muscle. Type 1: This type of man loves female muscle, but knows nothing about training or lifting. Usually is rather skinny or out of shape. Likes the strength of a female bodybuilder and wants to worship her muscles. Type 2: this type of man also loves female muscle, but also loves the drive and the determination and the mind of a woman who is trying to attain that muscle. Usually works out and is pretty knowledgeable about dieting and training in general. Problem is…Type 2 doesn’t come around that often. thus…when it comes to dating…I’m VERY VERY picky because its rather limited.

I’m not sure what it is…but lately..I’ve been coming across a lot of Type 2 men who love my body..compliment it…get off to how hard I train and how determined I am with my dieting, goals and training, but I’ve come across something else lately. All these men seem to think that I’m some stepping stone to greater more accomplished female bodybuilders. I’m not joking. I meet a guy, we flirt…I get to know him, he gets to know me…then BAM!! He starts to ask me about my “friends”. “Do you have other female bodybuilder friends”, “Do you ever train with them”…then the conversations stretch to jokes about threesomes with my female bodybuilder friends..and comments about how “if you could look like Monique Jones..or Monique Hayes…”. Then the conversations are no longer about how wonderful I am …and they turn into how wonderful other female bodybuilders are and how sexually appealing they are.

It’s kind of hard to explain…but regardless…shit sucks. I’m already picky enough…I don’t have much opportunity to date men who aren’t creepy or perves…and now I have to watch out for the Perfect Type 2 Guy who might just not be that into me. Who might just want to get to know me because he thinks it will lead to getting to know more muscular, accomplished female bodybuilder friends that I might have. Are you fucking kidding me???  When did dating become so damn difficult. I already have trust issues…I already have to pick from a limited number of men who actually like female muscle..but now my selection of men has become even slimmer. Well Damn!! I think I’m going to need some cats..or some dogs or

Totally sucks. Dating sucks!!


12 responses to “Men!!

  • GymRockStar

    There is a Type 3: A secure man who just loves YOU. Growing old together means that the other stuff is so much more important. Those things about him will be important to you, too. He and you will adapt to each other as changes happen over the rest of your lives. The avid reader, who watches anime, and is kind of a nerd who loves her family. You know I understand how bodybuilding becomes your life. He is not in your life right now because he is not supposed to be. You are supposed to be focused right now.

  • Sanctified Brother

    I understand your pain, sister. There’s probably an interesting hybrid man out there somewhere, or developing into the man you’re looking for. He may grow into liking female muscle. The brother may be a regular brother and see what you do and become interested down the line. He may even start lifting. I box (amateur) and my wife is terrified of the sport. She may grow to like it later, however I still box because I love it. Our mates may never become interested in our personal preferences so we just keep going and make each other happy. Keep lifting!

  • Eric

    Hey Val is it okay to message you on Facebook you I got some interesting things to talk to you about.

  • Eric

    Or email me you might be surprised keep up the good work

  • seanrs

    I agree!! Dating does suck! Your stories about the guys you come across is wild tho, people are crazy as hell! Its hard to know a person’s true intension. Honestly, I am attracted to female muscle but have never actually dated a female bodybuilder.

  • Distant

    That type 2 guy sounds like me. Too bad I’m in Australia 😦

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