Price you Pay

So…I cheated on my diet yesterday. 😦

And all morning I’ve felt like shit. It’s my own damn fault. Yesterday I had some ice cream. Sure it wasn’t a lot in quantity, but OMG…apparently it did horrible things to my system. My body totally did not like it at all!! And to make matters worse I know I’m lactose intolerant, but I so wanted that ice cream!! I felt full the second I woke up. I swear I didn’t train as well as I should have because I didn’t have my pre-workout meal. AND…I was still so full after training that I didn’t have my post-workout protein shake. I’m causing my body damage. Sure it might not seem like much, but every little thing makes a difference. EVERY..LITTLE..THING…

The thing I have to remember, or anyone who is a competitor or someone just trying to get in shape, is you MUST remember the few moments of pure pleasure from that deliciously fatty food you crave so bad is so not worth it. I would rather wake up in the morning with abs, have dense hard muscle with limited fat on my body ALL DAY LONG in the long run, than to only have a few moments of pleasure. It’s so NOT WORTH IT. Sure in that moment when you’re craving that food you KNOW you’re not supposed to takes all the mental capacity to tell yourself NO. You make up all kinds of excuses like “I’ve been so good on my diet”, “I’ve worked so hard” , “it’s only going to be one cheat food…it can’t hurt”, but the problem does hurt!! It’s so much more difficult to be strict on your diet when you just got away with having some bad food.

Personally I’m not sure how other competitors who are allowed cheat meals during prep are able to cope. On one had the pro to having a cheat meal once a week during prep is that you look forward to that one meal where you can have whatever you want so you make sure that throughout the week you stay strict with your diet, you try hard to make it to that prize. On the other hand, once you have that’s almost like you have to start ALL OVER AGAIN on your diet. It was already hard to start the first time, but now you have to reset and not let the cravings get to you.

From my experience when you start a diet and you eat clean for about 3 weeks most of the cravings don’t have that need to stop and buy a bag of chips, cause you don’t want it. So I imagine…having a cheat meal during the week…and then when it’s over…I would have to fight the urge to do it again. I would be such a failure if I were allowed cheat meals 😦

So anyway…now I’m paying the price. I don’t want to cheat…it’s horrible for me because it makes me feel unaccomplished. I have too much ground to cover in my diet and training and developing this dream physique to waste it on minutes of horrible processed food. I just need to keep my mind in check.

I just need to keep my mind in check and I will succeed.


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