The Nerve!!!

For the past few days I’ve had to deal with people who “think” they know what’s right for me and what I “should” be doing. I”m so over it. 1. If you’re not a competitor or you’re not used to a fitness lifestyle Shut The Fuck Up!! 2. If you’re some “fan” or “admirer” (as one of of the people I’m about to rant about seem to prefer) and you know jack shit about me…Shut the Fuck Up!!

(sorry for the use of language..but I’m just over the bull shit)

A friend at work who recently started to “try to get fit” in the last few days has been expressing extreme concern for my health because of my lifestyle. He thinks its unhealthy for me to be doing bodybuilding because “what kind of life is it if you go to the gym twice a day and you can’t eat junk food”. Apparently it seems as though eating junk food, partying on the weekends and sitting on my fat ass is healthier than what I’m doing. That’s the problem with “normal people” they don’t get how someone could be completely content with having their health be the MOST important thing in their lives. Fuck that!! Since I’ve been pursing bodybuilding I haven’t been sick for 3 years, until recently when my allergies flared up and I ended up getting sick. I eat clean food day in and day out and I have a healthy fitness regimen that keeps me sane and that actually relieves my stresses. What the fuck is so wrong with that??? Every day he stresses more and more concern and frankly I’m so over hearing the bullshit. It’s my life and I’m living it healthy as opposed to what most of America is doing. If I decide that I would rather stay home on a Saturday night to rest my body because of the exercise I put it through…or I decide that eating junk food will do nothing good for me….then that’s my choice.  I will be the one making those decisions. THIS is why if you’re a female bodybuilder you NEVER discuss what you do, what you eat with anyone who isn’t a competitor or familiar with this world. THEY JUST DON’T GET IT!!

On to the next….

Today via Facebook message. I was approached by a moderator of some female muscle fan group. He started by saying “Was looking at your pic on the site and reminded of your hard work. Your site seems to be kinda locked off…I don’t see any new pics of you on it? How’s your progress going…? I see you have 3595 followers, wow! Wondering why your not fulfilling their expectations with more communication from you and pics of your step by step efforts?”

I very kindly thanked him for his words and told him that my Facebook page is my personal page. I have yet to accomplish anything that would warrant a fan page and yes, my page is private because I choose it to be. Then I told him I really appreciated his interest in my progress, but as a competitor I want to focus my efforts on my contest prep without outside interference or distraction. If I want to put up a picture I will, but I think its wise that I don’t and so does my coach. He then went on to ask me “how big do you want to get?” I totally ignored that question. It is a constant question I get from men who get off on the idea of a woman being big and muscular. He then said: “Personally I can’t agree with your coach. Any body goal is easier with a support team including muscle mass building. Perhaps looking at them as ‘fans’ is the troubling point. I find ‘admirers’ keeps you grounded and more equal and noticing them as individuals. A better word for the bodybuilding culture than ‘fans’.”

I continued to stay nice and try to stay humble and just think “he is just trying to be nice…”. He didn’t seem to be grasping my point. I’m a private person. bodybuilding is for me and me only. If people want to follow my journey..go for it, but I’m not doing it to get a ton of followers. I’m not going to post pictures to appease the “admirers” that’s not what I’m about. (I promise…I said this to him nicely..the bitch did not come He completely ignored my last statement and preceded to ask me how tall I was and how much I weighed. And that he is so excited that I want to get bigger..and just kept on with “suggesting” that I need to post pictures on my page and make it less private…blah blah blah. I stopped messaging him back after that. it’s classic “muscle fan boy” questions. And I have no time to entertain questions from someone who presented himself as a professional person and ended up just asking pervy questions.

Muscle Fan Boy = A man who doesn’t care about what it takes to become a female bodybuilder, they just get off on the muscle of a woman. Most have no idea about diet or training and don’t care to learn about it..only want to view it for sexual pleasures (my definition)

I have no time for that shit. Bodybuilding is FOR ME. I don’t care what others have to say about my diet or training..or my lifestyle.  I don’t care if my “admirers” want to see more muscle pics from me and if you think I should take more pictures. FUCK THAT..I’m not some damn porn star and just because you don’t agree with my dedication to my health doesn’t mean I should give a shit. The only reason why I’m writing about this is because I’m over hearing about it.

Bodybuilding is FOR ME!! And anyone who doesn’t have anything supportive to say or doesn’t understand where I’m coming from can go kick rocks!!


3 responses to “The Nerve!!!

  • muscle nerd

    Thus was very insightful. I will look at myself now more when I talk to some of these women.

  • Eric

    God will keep you in perfect peace if you keep your mind stayed on him.In the lifestyle of bodybuilding you get those comments and reactions by different people your doing something different. It comes with the territory. It’s a self absorbed sport get use to it. Valerie your on the World Wide Web people see you. baby peace and love don’t sweat the small stuff. Hell be a renee toney get bigger.

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