Rest is Best

Towards the end of last week what turned into the usual allergy flare up..turned into me being sick for the first time in 3 years. Sure it was only my nose and nothing more, but I was definitely sick. I could barely do my cardio because I couldn’t breathe and could never stop sneezing. Worse part was that the only thing that works for my allergies is Benadryl, but Benadryl knocks you now I was lacking energy too. Of course because I’m a meathead that didn’t stop me from, just doing cardio (I only missed one day of cardio).

The problem here is that I KNOW what it is I need to do, but I’m too stubborn to submit. I need SLEEP!! It’s just not in my nature to rest I guess.  So…the last few days instead of being my normal stubborn self…I’ve submitted like a good little girl. I’ve gone to the gym to complete my cardio after work…then went home and completely crashed on the couch. Eventually I get up and move to the bed..then I fall asleep again. Let me just say… IT’S NOT WORKING..I’m still exhausted..and I’m taking all my darn vitamins. I guess it doesn’t help that I made my cardio more intense in the last few days. (Shhh!! don’t judge). So’s Friday. I’m going to take it easy on cardio, get it done, go home…crash on the couch. Maybe have some sushi tonight to replenish (I’m not allowed cheat meals..but every once in a while, for now, I’m allowed long as it doesn’t have cream cheese or avocado).  So I’m looking forward to that.

Wish me luck I need it. I’m sitting up feeling like I could fall asleep at my desk right now. 1 hour left….this has been a LOOOONNNGGG DAY!



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