It Doesn’t Make Sense

I’m not conceited and I don’t think that I’m an expert, but it makes absolutely no sense for two people with completely different training regimen and styles to train together.

Every once in a while a friend of mine (novice) will ask me how exactly I train, what I train, how I train..etc. My first response is “We are 2 completely different people. What works for me will not necessarily work for you and the level I’m at is not where you are”. I usually then continue down the path of explaining what they could do to start out, but they usually get irritated that I wont share with them what I do. Maybe it’s me..but just because I can bench press 185 lbs for 10 reps doesn’t mean you will be able to lift that much. The routine that I perform is also catered to my body. At this point I know what works for me…it just so happens that it doesn’t work for most others. So why would I share??

Another issue is when a friend wants to train with me. Once again…that makes no sense. Yes, it helps to shock the system every now and then with a different training routine and lifting style, but I’m not going to drop my routine just because you want me to train the way you do once a week. I don’t comprehend that. We are 2 different people who have been training a certain way that is effective for our body types and experiences. Now you have 2 different people who are clashing on ideas of how to train because we are 2 different people with different body types and experiences. Unless you’re going to train the same way I do …then there is no reason for me to concede. Especially since I’m in prep.

I’m not trying to be rude or come off as arrogant. Now..I don’t mind if a friend of mine who is about the same level wants to do the same routine I do…cool. And I don’t mind training with friends of mine who I know train like me…All the better, but I do not understand what makes some people think that they are entitled to my training and diet.

And then comes the friend who is more experienced (and in some cases not that experienced) who try to discuss what you are doing wrong in your diet/training. Hence why I don’t or rarely share my training and diet with anyone. I don’t need a ton of suggestions from a ton of people who don’t know my body and believe that their way is best. It’s just not happening. If it’s not broken…I’m not going to fix it. End of Story.


Some people…smh.



2 responses to “It Doesn’t Make Sense

  • Dawn Robinson (@dawnro1101)

    I agree with you. People will ask me to “make a plan” for them…hello, NO! I don’t have time to make a plan for someone when most of them only want a “magic pill” or to lose 50lbs in 10 days and not lose it in the butt or chest, It’s nuts.

    • chocolatemuscle

      Yea..I absolutely hate that. I’m not going to lie..I go into the gym every day hoping that I will see some progress over the course of the training..but that’s just my mind trying to push myself. I know better that to believe that I will magically change. That’s the thing..most people ask so they can copy what you’re doing so that they can magically look like you. They dont understand that that’s not possible. Especially with fbbs. if a woman wants to look toned..she will ask an fbb in a heart beat. Their logic is if it took the fbb 5 years to get there well it will take me 1 year to look 1/5 of what she looks. Their thinking is skewed…lol. Its not that they want to look like a bodybuilder..they just figure they will get faster results to the “toned” body they

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