You should be jealous ;) JK

I’ve been beating the hell out of my body, trying to do 110% on training, diet.. etc. Making sure that I’m doing EVERYTHING within my power to build this physique for this prep. And so far I have been. Unfortunately today was Monday..and it just so happens that Monday is my off day. No matter what hard work I have been doing this past matter how strict with my diet I have been…It’s Monday. So that automatically means “Valerie feels fat and lazy since she can’t train”. That’s normal for me. If I have an off day I have this annoying desire to be in the gym. It’s sick really..lmao.

So..we’ve established that Mondays suck. So imagine my surprise and utter excitement when I walk into the bathroom today at work and BAM!!! Huge Quad Sweeps!!! I have been walking around all day in the tight leggings I always wear..limping and nursing my sore knees. In the back of my mind wishing that soreness = size growth. And low and behold..the mirror gives me a gift. My legs looked HUGE!!!


So now that we’ve gotten how satisfied I am out of the way..that brings me to today’s topic. For a woman, who is trying to lose a ton of fat and hasn’t really grown to learn how her body responds to types of diets, foods and training it’s very important for me to always observe the changes in my body. One very obvious observation that tells me I’m on the right track is my breasts are shrinking. YAY!! Breasts are made up of mostly after 3.5 weeks and I can tell that my breasts are shrinking..that’s AWESOME news. It means I’m doing what I need to do and it is effective.

So Mission Lean Down is a go!! I’m doing well 🙂 🙂 🙂

Can’t wait till the next phase.



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