It’s been 3 weeks 2 days since I started my prep…and I’m excited!! I haven’t lost much weight, but as a female bodybuilder who is hoping to keep her size as she leans down…I’m not concerned with the not losing a ton of weight and having the scale change. I’m 235lbs now…I started this prep at 243lbs. I’m 5’9 and if I had my way..I wouldn’t ever drop below 200 ..even in contest weight,  but then again I understand that you don’t always get your way.  And I have to be realistic, but the reason why I am excited..is because I’m leaning out…I’m lifting heavy..but for some glorious reason I’m not losing size. Oh hell yes I’m leaning out and other people besides myself can tell. Which is great!!!

There is a saying that when you’re dieting and trying to lose fat/weight…You notice a difference within 4 weeks…others notice the difference within 8 weeks. (I know I totally got the quote wrong, but it’s something along those lines). You get the point. So it’s fantastic that I’m already seeing a huge difference, but I’m not losing size. I measured my biceps today and my left bicep measure 0.5″ bigger than 3.5 weeks ago and my right bicep measured 0.25″ measured. YAY!!! I mean….F*CK YEA!!! And not only that, but my left quad grew 0.5″ from 3.5 weeks ago. Only problem is..I need to be more symmetrical…my right quad is still 30″ and my left is now 30.5″ HA HA HA!! oh well 🙂

I pray that things keep going this well. Yes sure my cravings are kind of out of control every now and then, but if I can keep everything in perspective..I’ll be fine.

So the update this week regarding diet is I’m Carb Cycling. 2 high carb days (carbs for all 6 meals), and 2 low days (carbs only before and after training). the cycle continues throughout the weeks 2 high, 2 low, 2 high…etc. Except on my day off from training (Monday) if it lands on a low day then I have one carb meal in the morning..and if it lands on a high day I have 5 carb meals.


Carb Cycling Calendar (yes..I made this my self in Paint. HA HA)

Updates as far as my training goes: I’m starting training each body part twice a week and we upped cardio 10 minutes from 30 min to 40 min. I’ll admit this change is kicking my ass…I’m completely and totally sore, but I’m still excited. change is good…this can only further help me.

So…full steam into the rest of week 4. I’m looking into buying a very itty bitty bikini…something for motivation..something to get excited about ;). I still haven’t found one I love…but I’m sure I’ll find my dream bikini.

I’m READY!!!


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