17.5 Weeks to go

I’m tired..lol
So update. Lost 6 lbs after first week. Lost 1 lb after Week 2. The difference in one week visually is awesome. I look leaner, more muscular but bigger?

Yes..bigger!!! Don’t know how but i feel great. This morning i trained back in my roommates clothes and filled them out beautifully. My roommate is a male bodybuilder…so…its amazing that i could wear his clothes and not look swallowed up lol. So yay me. Can’t wait to see what i look like after week 4.

Speaking of week 4…my fbb friend Jen just told me I have to raise my cardio from 30 min to 40 min..starting now…and after week 4..I have to start training every body part twice a week and that I’m going to start doing 2 days high carbs/1 day low carb cycles. EEEK!!!!!  She is trying to kill me….and make me look sexy and lean and muscular. So..I’m not complaining lol.

To Be Continued……..


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