I’m going to KILL my liver…

So I’ve been consulting my fbb friend and my other friend (who is an mma coach, but knows a great deal about bodybuilding) and OMG…I’m taking so many supplements.

Most are my choice, mainly from information from my coach from the last prep I attempted and he had me taking a ton of vitamins. This time around I’m taking some extra things mainly for recovery health and muscle maintenance. So…my liver is going to kick my booty when I’m done…but it is so worth it. (Don’t worry..I’m taking necessary supplements and flushes to ensure that I’m not treating my liver like shit just cause Valerie wants to look a certain way..I’m being safe)

So..here is a list of some of my supps:




Vitamin E

Vitamin C




Fish Oil

Plant Digestive Enzymes



Fat Burner


I really need to start taking calcium. Every morning I swear I have to choke down this stuff..and I never used to be a person who could stomach that MANY pills at once, but now…now I’m swallowing a handful..it’s insane.

This time around..I’m going to make damn sure I’m perfect…so that the system WILL work..no excuses 😉


3 responses to “I’m going to KILL my liver…

  • GymRockStar

    Probably me, too, but I’m older don’t need my liver as long as you will. I’m taking six of the things on your list, plus BCAAs, and something for my cortisol issue.

    • chocolatemuscle

      ha ha..silly woman, you need your liver more than i do. But yea..whew..that’s alot of stuff. And plus..i’m not done yet..i plan on adding more supps as i continue on my prep. Is the supp for your cortisol issue doctor perscribed?

      • GymRockStar

        It was from my doc – a Chinese herb blend. Insurance kept messing up for it, so I read the ingredient list and found the active ingredient at Vitamin Shoppe. A lot easier and cheaper. I don’t have planned breaks away from my supps – I forget frequently, so that’s how I do “cycle”. Hahaha!

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