Ha..And here we go again :)

So it’s been a while.

I haven’t blogged much. I usually cease blogging when I don’t have anything positive to talk about. It’s not my thing to complain about the things that I can change, but am too lazy or too pessimistic to change.

So the great thing is…I’m no longer being negative nor am I being lazy. It’s been about a week now…and I’ve started a new bodybuilding prep. It’s not for any show in particular, but it’s time to start kicking my own ass and at least GET to the level of bodybuilding I want my physique to be ready for. Who knows…at the end of this 20 week prep I might think I look fantastic and I might randomly step on stage somewhere. Or..I could look at my physique and realize I need more planning, building, growing, leaning out…who knows. Either way…This chic is going to be dieting hard for the next 20 weeks.

The good thing though..is although this is going to be difficult..I’m not doing it alone. I recently moved to Northern Cali and met a wonderful Facebook friend of mine in person who just happens to be a seasoned female bber 🙂 (yay!) She is currently designing my prep and working with me on my training schedule. AND…she is doing it with me. She is performing her magic on me and the beautiful muscular bodybuilder that I am will shine through :)..just leaner..with more muscle.

So here is a brief overview of my training and diet:

Friday: Chest (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Saturday: Quads (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Sunday: Back (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Monday: Biceps/Triceps (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Tuesday: Hamstrings/ Calves  (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Wednesday: Shoulders/Traps (Morning) / 30 Min Cardio (Afternoon)

Diet is pretty basic for a bodybuilding diet. Egg whites, oats, lettuce, chicken, broccoli, white rice, chicken, sweet potato, tilapia, some fruit, chicken, protein powder…(yes I realized i said chicken like 3 times…but that’s the point…CHICKEN!!!).

The problem I encountered in my last failed 26 week prep was that 1. I didn’t have enough built muscle to sustain because prior to last prep I was just naturally muscular. I didn’t have an off season and I didn’t build that muscle..so it was hard keeping it. 2. I have never been an over eater. Though I was fat my biggest issue is that I didn’t eat enough food for my size and I didn’t drink enough water for my size…so technically I starved my body for years unintentionally. So because of that…during my last prep I was always always full to the point where I would omit my last 2 meals because I just couldn’t eat. The great thing is…it’s only been a week..and I swear I’m hungry ALL THE TIME!!! So yay for the metabolism 🙂 🙂 And..I’ve had over a year to build substantial muscle so I’m ready to cut all this bull shit off of it so it can present itself.

So..I’m excited. And ready..and determined. This is going to be great 🙂

And on that note..I’m going to leave you with my Exaggerated Dream Body 🙂 (yes I know her proportions are off, but I like her bigness)



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