Cardio and Legs (workout)

23 min walk to the gym
Leg Extensions: 15@55 lbs, 10@130 lbs, 10@170 lbs, 8@215lbs,  6@245 lbs (whole stack)
Leg Press: 10@405lbs, 10@585lbs, 8@765 lbs, 6@905 lbs
Leg Press (light/quick): 20@315 lbs, 20@315 lbs, 20@315 lbs

30 min of cardio
25 min walk home….(walked to the store in between the gym and home..not included)

Felt fantastic. I hate walking mostly because walking uphill gives my shin splints instantly, but the pain is becoming less and less the more i push myself. Yay me!!!! Now i need a nap. As soon as the adrenaline from earlier today wears off of course lol.


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