Shoulder Day…damn I’m exhausted.

So..of course we all know I love training all body parts all the time, but there is one body part I like training  least more than others..and that is my shoulders. I naturally have a very wide back and broad shoulders, but I’m finding that the hardest muscle to build up are my delts. It sucks!! For my size in order for me to look huge and muscular…my delts have to be capped and huge, but they aren’t. I get so frustrated with how weak they look that I get discouraged when it’s time to train them.

Today I went into the gym surprisingly..with hope. Why?? Because so far every day I step into the the gym I notice I look that much bigger because of the pump I get when I train any body part. So I was excited to see how big my shoulders would look once I got them going. And wow…were my traps/delts pumped!!

Hit a couple of Max Lifts and got a compliment from some random guy in the gym who decided to tell my training partner. (Big E) that I was “stronger than some of his friends…wow”. I was flattered..and it made me proud.  So…here is what I did today in the gym 😉

Lateral Raises (warm up): 12x15lbs, 12x15lbs, 12x15lbs

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 10x45lbs, 10x55lbs, 8x60lbs, 6x65lbs (MAX LIFT)

Upright Rows: 10x85lbs, 8x95lbs, 5x125lbs, 5x125lbs (MAX LIFT)

Bent Over Rear Delt Raises: 10×22.5lbs, 8x30lbs, 6×32.5lbs

Not many lifts, but I have noticed that the less exercises I do..and the more weight with better form and encouragement…the more exhausted my muscles get and the more muscle I put on…so…I’m happy 🙂


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