Being genuine is important…

Ever since I made the choice to focus on my bodybuilding my list of admirers has definitely increased. There isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t get at least two or more cheesy messages from muscle fans or requests on Facebook. I don’t mind as much I just wish they weren’t always the same.

I mean..I’m just over the “how much do you weigh?” Or  “how much do you lift?” or even the unoriginal “I like your sexy muscles..blah blah blah”…they are so repetitive and not one of them is unique in delivery. I’m not intrigued.

Today i checked my body space messages and of course there were several new messages. And much to my surprise I came upon the most unique message that was funny, made me smile and didn’t leave me feeling creeped out:

Is your personality… … as pumped up as your physique 🙂 I’m kidding, but I like your strength, size, shape, style… smile.

Hey, so how is training… pretty intense I guess. Squeeze in a message to me in between sets?

And tell me, who picks you up from the gym floor when you’re broken by training, holds you close on the sofa and fetches you a protein shake?”

It made me feel special….


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