I’ve always had a bigger, wider back than most women. And I haven’t always been very excited about that idea. Frankly…I hated the idea when I was in High School because I was already tall with huge calves..last thing I wanted was to look “manly” with a wide back. The odd thing is…I’m a total contradiction. Although at the time I didn’t want to look as buff as I already knew I was…that somehow didn’t stop me from being in the Advanced Weight Lifting class with all the Varsity Football guys. I think that was just my mind telling me that I wanted the muscle..wanted the size, but I was…insecure. Have always been insecure for years so it makes sense that I would make myself believe that I needed to “fit in”. Which is what most women are still doing nowadays…even though..they are longer girls. They are playing to their youth insecurities instead of embracing their uniqueness.

But whatever…enough about my insights about what I think women think. I am much better where I am now.

Today was back day..and just like every other day..I go into the gym with the aim and belief that if I lift as heavy as possible..then I WILL grow instantly. Yes…I know there is no way that I can walk into the gym with a 50 inch back and walk out with it all of a sudden being 53, but I like to tell myself that it’s possible. It’s the little things you tell yourself that make the most impact. So…Today was “Grow Back Day” and I think I did an exceptional job. I just need to get back to my Single Arm DB Rowing max of 115lbs for 4 reps per arm…but I’m not worried…I’ll get back there soon.

Grow Back Day

Assisted Pull Ups: 10x110lbs, 10x110lbs, 8x110lbs (lbs of own bodyweight)

Lat Pull Downs: 10x120lbs, 10x140lbs

Behind Neck Lat Pull Downs: 10x110lbs, 10x130lbs

One Arm DB Row: 8x70lbs, 8x80lbs, 8x85lbs, 6x95lbs

Hammer Strength High Row: 8x90lbs, 8x90lbs, 6x115lbs, 6x135lbs (lbs on each side)

Seated Row: 8x160lbs, 8x170lbs, 6x200lbs, 6x190lbs

I did good 🙂 🙂 🙂


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