It’s about time!!

Today was chest day. Finally!! And yay me..I’ve finally gotten back to my max lift on Incline Dumbbell Press. Yea sure my flat bench right after was weaker than the last time and I felt sore as shit…but who cares. I HIT MY MAX ON INCLINE DB PRESS.

If you don’t already know…my favorite lift in the world is Incline DB Press. Why? Well because it helps me get bigger, thicker, more perkier pecs of course..DUH!! lmao. So yay…I’m a happy girl. And OMG…was I excited when
I could actually see the thickness in my pecs through my shirt as I was very openly oogling myself in the mirror. Whew…I’m going to have some very meaty pecs when I’m done. (My dream pecs are currently being owned by Ms. Colette Guimond btw).

So without further suspense…here was my short..but effect chest workout…

Inclined DB Press: 12x45lbs, 10x55lbs, 10x60lbs, 8x65lbs, 8x70lbs, 6x75lbs

Flat Bench Press: 10x115lbs, 10x115lbs, 8x135lbs, 6x155lbs

Superset: Cable Crossovers: 12x40lbs, 12x40lbs, 12x40lbs, 12x40lbs

Bench Dips: 4 sets of 10



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