Marks of growth!!

Women hate them with a passion and thats because usually when you think of them…they are always a negative. For me…I see them as necessary. And it helps me with my impatience. I’m talking about stretch marks (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!)

Yes stretch marks. Women hate them because they are usually darker than your skin and they stick out like a sore thumb..they are very very difficult to get rid of and they usually indicate that you grew way too much fat in a short amount of time therefore your skin stretched. EWWWW!! The thing is…I NEED THEM.  I’m not like other women. I WANT to grow fast…but not grow fat…I want to gain more muscle. Seeing the stretch marks that have suddenly popped up on my left bicep excites me (yea..they were probably there for the last 2 weeks or so.but I just noticed them).

I’m excited because it means I’m growing more muscular. So fast in fact that my skin is having a hard time keeping up..thus…I have stretch marks as a result. To me these marks are a sign of progress. I lift heavy to get muscle. I’m impatient with it…so knowing that I am in fact accomplishing my goal is amazing. And a bit weird…but that’s just me.

Honestly I can’t wait to start seeing stretch marks on my quads. Wait…is that possible??? Cause if it is…I’m serious..I want them. I’m way too impatient to wait for growth to happen…it worries me. I want to get bigger NOW..not later. Thank God for my genetics….I need more progress.

Progress marks of any sort is always a thing to celebrate…I’m happy.


One response to “Marks of growth!!

  • Johnny

    Congratulations! Glad to hear you’re still growing! How much are you bench pressing these days? Care to post photos of your awesome progress? 🙂

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