What must be done…

As a woman whose main intent is to gain more and more muscle the biggest fear is getting smaller. I dred doing cardio…because although it will aid in me losing the fat so my muscles are more defined.. i avoid doing cardio like the plague.
…but not anymore. I’m doing my best to embrace that which is the evil cardio. I know that by doing cardio I will lose some muscle…and I’m throwing that fear out the window. I have to do what must be done. I have to do my cardio.

I’m just going to change my mindset…I’ll do the cardio..but I’ll train heavier and more often than before. I need to get more muscle asap so that I can counter the loss in muscle. Hell if I could lose fat and stay a solid 220-230 lbs..then I’ll be a happy girl…but I swear if I dip below 210..I’m quitting cardio…LMAO!!!!!


One response to “What must be done…

  • GymRockStar

    Be not afraid. You’ll do it smart. I know you’ll eat tons of protein and take your BCAA’s. I started 6 months out and you aren’t even in that much of a hurry. Looking around the gym, the people who are losing muscle are the ones who weren’t in competition shape and decided to compete 5 weeks ago for the show coming up on the 25th.

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