Fresh Start

I remember how much easier it was to slam myself into a button down dress shirt and a pencil skirt. I would just squeeze myself into the clothes and shift around the fat.  LMAO…

Now….now I can barely fit myself into the same clothes I used to fit in. The second I put on the same button down shirt that fit me 2 weeks ago I feel the material stretching around my biceps. I can barely push my shoulder through the sleeve because… well damn it….IT DOESNT FIT. It’s my biggest fear AND the most amazing thought to think about how my muscles will stretch the material too much that I rip it while in public.

No..I’m not complaining..i’m bragging. 😉

I love love love the fact that I’m growing. It has been too long (ok it’s only been about 3 months) since I grew this way. Not being able to fit into clothes…is an absolutely great feeling. Even better yet..for the last week my pump in the gym has been insane. I look bigger and fuller than ever before. Makes me just want to go to the gym just to see how my body transforms in the mirrors as I lift heavy, heavy..and heavier weights.

The good thing is…now I can finally refocus my efforts on getting more muscular. Why?? Well I have a new job…one that will give me the time I need to focus on diet, training and cardio. Which is what I’ve been needing to get back to the one thing I love. MUSCLE….

YAY me.

Enough rambling now…..I’m just happy


6 responses to “Fresh Start

  • GymRockStar

    No words. Just ❤ ❤ ❤

  • musclebeachhereicome

    I’ve been reading/following your blog for the last couple of weeks. And I just wanted to tell you how absolutely cool you are! Before coming across this blog, I used to have that fairly common notion about female body builders. “Why would they want to get so big?” “They look to manly…too muscular…too big” Etc. And although, I don’t see myself ever competing in your category (I am currently training for the NPC bikini category), I have a newfound respect for female body builders..z and I just admire your passion and dedication so much! You truly are an inspiration to all aspiring competitive fitness athletes, regardless of the category. Good luck with training!

    • chocolatemuscle

      Wow..that truly made my night. Thank you so very much. Been in a slump lately..struggling to get back to it..but i plan to blog a lit more from now in. Good luck to you in you’re endeavors and i look forward to following your progress and seeing you hit the stage 🙂

  • Johnny

    Your dedication and determination is amazing!

  • chocolatemuscle

    If you just use word press you don’t have to do any coding. Word press does it all for you

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