Another Mini Update


I’ve been on my 8 week diet now for 5 weeks. I’m not too pleased with my progress. Alot of things going on my life right now (it’s messing with my head) and I’m not doing as well as I hoped because of the distractions. I must be better and push all of that aside all while trying to create some type of stability in my life. If that’s going to be a life change or my life staying the same…I need to figure it out quickly. I’m not sure I can handle much more stress.

Unlike other competitors when I get stressed..I don’t feel empowered to go train. I actually just feel like closing my eyes and just staying asleep the whole day. Kind of sucks when you’re trying to create an amazing physique to rival the competitors.

Anyway…so I weighed myself today and it lookes like I dropped 6lbs in a week. Body measurements are all still the same and so I think it’s safe to assume it’s fat loss. Not sure what I did, but I must figure it out so I can replicate it. Woke up this morning to find my pecs, traps and arms were a lot meatier than normal and they looked a bit more lean too, which was very pleasing 🙂

So to try to get my head in the game here are a couple pics of my current physique thus far.

(P.S. my webcam takes grainy shots and I was too lazy to take leg shots)

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