Mini Post: Stress Reliever

So..I’ve been training. So VERY VERY hard. So hard in fact that I had to stop lifting so that my right forearm could heal, but that was only a couple of days of no upper body training.

I have much too much to gain..achieve between now and the next 25 weeks and one of those things. So after tons of glutamine and excess rest I’m finally going to train chest tomorrow.

I am the type of person who goes to the gym to train for pleasure. I do it because I love it. I’ve never been able to put my emotions into my lifting, it’s just not who I am.  I have a great deal stress I need to work I guess tomorrow will be the day I learn to put my anger in my lifting. Only those close to me (myself) understands what damage my anger can cause. I’m the type who holds things in..but I must learn to release.  My only hope is that I wont cause any more damage to my body and further set myself back.


Tomorrow I will lift safe..I will take my time and I will do it right, but most of all I will lift heavy. Heavier by myself than I have ever lifted. Why? Because I need this.



One response to “Mini Post: Stress Reliever

  • Kenji

    Love the motivation. But also love the “safe”…injuries will set you back far more than letting your body rest and go easy for a few days before you get back on your peak of energy. Ebbs and flows…it’s like the waves. Go hard when you feel you can…relax and be satisfied with doing what you can when you are tired.

    On stress, sometimes it isn’t so good to channel that into training or art. Maybe you can blow off steam by venting to friends (that are ok with that and know that’s what you are doing)…or finding something that gets you out of your own head for a few moments each day. I’ve taken to meditation but I’m a novice and it seems harder than training for me actually…but then I realized it is training…training my mind to release the multitasking, the troubles of each day, the drama and reorganize and restart. Just a suggestion. Best of luck on lifting heavy and staying healthy (a big deal for me because I suffered a massive injury last fall and I’m still on the mend…going well but it was a long road).

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