Week 2: Mini Prep

So far so good.

I’m noticing differences in my body and that’s a WONDERFUL thing. I stare at my body all day long. Hell cause of all the water I drink i’m in and out of there every 30-45 min (HA HA HA). So if I say that I’m seeing differences..then I must really be seeing something cause..I’m the last person to compliment myself.

I think a big part of why I’m doing so well is lack of stress. And I’ve been able to keep my brain occupied and not over think things.  That’s what I get for watching lots of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and anime cartoons..LMAO.

I don’t really have any plans for this week..other than just keep doing what I’m doing, focus, and fight for my bigness and get lean;)

Differences this week: tighther lower back, tighter glute/ham tie in, firmer quads and hamstrings, thicker pecs, broader back and shoulders are becoming boulders, bigger traps, triceps, forearms and biceps, more energy, slimmer waist.

Also been doing walking lunges as a warm up every morning before training. I HATE lunges..they make my knees hurt, but I’ve am becoming stronger and stronger with every session…so that’s a plus. Upper body training is heavy heavy with 6-10reps and lower body is medium weight with 15-25reps.

P.S.  yes I know this post isn’t as structured and funny as my usual posts, but damn…I’m tired..I need a nap 🙂


One response to “Week 2: Mini Prep

  • Kenji

    Sleep brings growth so definitely ramble quickly and get your rest. Keep up the good work. I have nothing to compare for your progress but it is great that you are taking the time to notice it and experience it. It sounds like a fun thing to look forward to each day…noting the successes!

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