Daily Problems of a Heavyweight FBB

It was horrible!

I felt trapped and helpless and I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to save myself. I even went as far as to think of some drastic measures in an effort to end my suffering and save myself.

Yes..I was scared.

Yesterday after training, I came home sweaty and sore as hell. I went to the bathroom to start removing my drenched clothes and ran into a problem. My tank top wouldn’t go over my lats and over my head. I COULDN’T TAKE IT OFF!!  I mean yes..secretly the thought of my lats and back being so wide that I can’t pull off the tank top I wore made me excited, but It never occured to me that I would encouter a problem such as this.

I stood there with the bottom of the shirt around my face (HA HA HA HA!!!), my arms trapped above my head and the arm hole of the tank stuck right under my lats/shoulders. I was helpless! I stood there for what felt like minutes..when in reality it was only about 30 seconds and tugged and pulled and yanked.  And of course all this struggle was doing me no good because as I yanked and pulled at the bottom of the shirt now wrapped around my face it seemed as though my shoulders and back were now getting a pump. Whereas before I was able to slip the shirt up a little..now it was like hitting a brick wall.

I thought “DAMN..I’m going to have to go grab some scissors and cut the hell out of this shirt just to get out”. Ugh..but I couldn’t do that!! I had spent $25 on this Nike tank top (more than I spend on any workout clothes) and I was NOT going to ruin it. It is my favorite. So I took a couple breaths, relaxed a little..dug deep and pulled. With some hard effort..it came off. I WAS FREE!!! And I didnt have to cut myself out of it. Whew!!!

Now you can obviously tell by now that as distressed as I was, I was actually very pleased with myself. I grew bigger lats and a wider back than the last time I wore this tank, which was only last month. It means all my  hard work and effort is ACTUALLY paying off. And being this big..NEVER felt so good 😉

Can’t wait to get bigger 😉 😉


6 responses to “Daily Problems of a Heavyweight FBB

  • GymRockStar

    Very nice. And very funny. My shirts just get caught on my boobs. (BTW – Lance says that’s where most of my new 9 pounds is located. I pointed out that just because that’s where he’s looking doesn’t mean that’s where it all is at.)

  • Kenji

    For some reason that seems like an R rated post….a sexy problem to have…but probably just my male perspective. I would definitely be upset with ruining good workout clothes (kind of hard to find something that looks good, fits one’s personal style, and is functional..so it would be heinous to have to destroy it getting it off). I suppose the lesson learned is that you need to let your pump go down a bit, breathe and relax, and then try to remove tight things from your heavily muscled frame ;).

    • chocolatemuscle

      LMAO. it is an R rated post. And I tried the “wait a while to let my pump go down” I found it’s not the pump..I’m just bigger than I used to be in the tricep/lat part of my body 🙂

      • Kenji

        Indeed! That is a very wonderful set of parts to have getting bigger. I love strong lats and triceps on a lady. Be careful with your work out clothes because I have a feeling you more things will be getting bigger. 😉

  • ~jenniferlynn

    I’ve had the same problem!!! I’ve always been skinny, and just assume I wear an XS in everything. Then I started lifting and putting on some muscle, and once recently I got stuck in a super cute tank. Bad. Like I had to struggle to manage to text my BF to find out when he would be home so that he could help me out. I was panicking.. scary thought.. lol. 🙂 But yay muscles!!

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