Part 1 of The Plan

Been MIA for a while..just building muscle and finding out what works best for my body for growth and what works best for my body in regards to leaning out and keeping my growth.

I’m ready to start a new plan.

Part 1 consists of an 8 week diet and training plan. the idea is to lean out while aiming to still train heavy and keep the mass I built. There will be some cardio (LAME), there will be lots of picking up heavy things and putting them down *wink* and there will be a diet. A diet where I’m determined to meet every expectation from my coach 100%. No deviating..NO MATTER WHAT.

This is not a could call this the post prep, but the idea is to primarily get my metabolism firing. I found that the last time Ii started a prep the first 8 weeks were the best 8 weeks of prep. Why? Well…I lost a good amount of fat, established good eating habits, felt great, got stronger and gave it my all. So basically I’m taking those first 8 weeks and pushing it to the max.

After this first phase of my plan..I will take a week off from training and cool it on the strictness of my diet without losing the principals. THEN..then Part 2 will start. And then..I will go full steam.

I have plans…BIG plans 😉 Stay tuned.


2 responses to “Part 1 of The Plan

  • Kenji

    Sounds like a great plan. One small piece of potential advice. At different stages you definitely have to adhere to the amounts/percentages of nutrient intake to achieve what you need to burn, build, tone, or maintain. But it may help to have a global perspective each day that you are changing your diet…shifting it to something sustainable and that enables you to meet your goals. Keep the positive goal in mind and how you feel about eating for success. I know this simple mental reminder has helped me when I have moments where I want to slip back into just eating what looks or I know tastes good (I challenge myself by watching Man vs Food and then try not to go out and emulate him 🙂 ). I hope Part I is going well! -Kenji

    • chocolatemuscle

      Thanks for the advice. the plan is..i hire a Bodybuilding Coach to work on my diet. One I’ve already worked with in the past and who I know can get the job done. It’s all great for me to understand my nutrient intake and trust me..I do , but I hire someone who is familiar with my body and bodybuilding to put together my meal plan for me.

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