My Own Greatness

When I wake up in the morning..and I remember that my goal is to achieve my own greatness I tell myself that I am like no other person. What others try to do..I CAN do..what others achieve..I CAN achieve also.

I am the best me that I can be, but then again..I can always be better.

I tell myself that I am as unique as they come. If I fall I WILL get back up. If I fail, I WILL beat it the next time. I’m not one to allow myself the weaknesses that comes with being average.

I like to tell myself that I am far greater than average. I don’t break as easily as some people and I because of that I don’t allow myself to feel broken.

I am human..I have my weak moments, but it’s not like everyone elses weak moments. I become weak when I fail to fully believe in my own greatness, others become weak because they can’t fathom their own greatness.

Thinking these things, saying these things to myself every morning reminds me that I am strong willed. If I can think it..I WILL become it.

No matter what, everyone should hold themselves to a greatness as I try to hold myself to. It works wonders for the self esteem and if you hold high expectations for’ll never allow yourself to fail.


One response to “My Own Greatness

  • Kenji

    A great perspective, Valerie. I am a very self-motivated person…and there is one aspect you addressed that is essential. The ability to move forward from failures and unmet expectations. Goals are lofty for you and for me as well and keeping a positive mindset and strong will on the daily path is helpful. I hope you enjoy each day and each baby step forward. You look insanely fabulous right now even without meeting your loftiest goals. Makes me wish more strong-willed, beautiful women like you were in my area :). – Kenji

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