My biggest fear

Most female competitors fear the complete opposite of what I fear, but in some’s exactly the same.  Most fear being TOO big…TOO muscular. Most dont ever wish to be as big as I want to be. I’m rare…I know that.

My biggest fear….is that I’ll never be satisfied with my body…no matter what I do.  Only difference from those other women…is that the reason I will never be satisfied is because I fear I’ll never be big ENOUGH. No..I dont wish to be a barbaric masculine woman who has lost almost all her femininty. What I desire to be is exactly what I was made for. To show others how being a very muscular woman can be sexy…attractive…feminine…NORMAL.

It’s possible…I know it. I  just hope along the way to my bigness I am able to come to terms with myself and feel satisfied at my size and muscularity. As of right now..I’m not sure there is an end in sight….


2 responses to “My biggest fear

  • A Fine balance

    I love your attitude! Its wonderful to see a different aspect to lifting for women.

    My problem is I enjoy food too much and I want to compete again, but I am having a hard time GAINING muscle. My body likes to be where its at and not much more different.

    do you have suggestions?

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