Starting a new…

For the past 8 weeks or so..I’ve been on a strange, unstructured yet rewarding path. Don’t worry..I’m still aiming to be the biggest female bodybuilder, I’m just experimenting with my body to identify the best way to get there. Trying to learn how my body reacts to certain foods, certain training regimens, different patterns of sleep and so on. Because if I plan to gain the amount of muscularity and size that I’m striving to reach, I’m going to have to learn what I can and CAN’T put in my body to be able to do what I need to in order to get where I need to be.

So basically for the last 8 weeks I’ve deviated from the structured diet that I was on for the 1st 25+ weeks of this year and pretty much went rogue. Now no worries..I didn’t completely go awall, I just added in a ton more carbs, ate less greens (don’t judge..I hate veggies, but I took my vitamins) and tried my best to get in as much food as possible.  I’ll admit, I was having a harder time than normal trying to drink my 1.5 gallons of water a day and you’d think that that should be easy since I added sodium back into my diet, but..umm…yea no…no matter what I just couldn’t drink enough. And of course..I was indulging in some NOT so good food, but surprisingly I found that with the bad food and the lack of water and the high sodium in my diet..I realized that my body didn’t respond as negatively as I would have thought. That’s still no excuse for eating the way I did..and that WILL change.

Grow baby Grow!!!

I’ve also been working really hard on increasing my strength these last 8 weeks. I’ve put myself on a “Lift 5-20lbs more than you did last week” regimen (LMAO) and wow..with all those carbs I was able to increase my lifts…A LOT!!! All my lifts went up about 75%-125% from June (when I ended prep) till now. I am very impressed with myself. I’ve also deviated from volume training (which I CANNOT bring myself to do). I found out that during this mini strength journey that I am a complete MeatHead and lifting more than 10 reps in a set totally SUCKS, but I’m ok with that..I love that I’m a MeatHead..I love the way it makes me feel and it helps with my mini ego (aka my Bigorexia..hee hee). So all my training has been less reps, more lifts, heavy, heavy, heavy and tons of grunting!!

I’m planning on starting a new, but most of the change will be to my diet. Overall I think I’ve done well with my training/diet. The goal was to get stronger and bigger and I accomplished that. I won’t say how much I grew (cause I also gained some fat), but all in all I grew a good amount of muscle too..which I’m OH SO HAPPY about :).  The diet will be more cleaned up, but still have a high amount of calories and carbs. Most likely going to add in alot more protein and of course..more water and veggies and NO added sodium. I found that with the sodium intake I craved bad food more than normal, and I loved the way it felt when I didnt have sodium in my made the desire to consume salty/sweet foods alot less.

My goal for the next 7.5 weeks (till Jan 1st) is to get BIGGER..get STRONGER, but this time..tighten things up and become HARDER!! I’m very blessed that I’m able to grow at the rate I’m growing at. And personally although my diet wasn’t clean as hell, I do think that that aspect of it will help my body better respond to this next phase.

Oh..and yea..I’m not sure what I’m going to do about cardio..THAT is still up in the air (I’m a lifter..we don’t like cardio..ha ha ha).

So wish me luck…I’ve got alot of growing to do 😉


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