To be the have to believe you’re The Best

Lately I’ve been trying to be more positive about my life and my outlook on my goals.  And I think I’m finally at a place where I feel like all my dreams can totally come true, no matter how broad or difficult they may be to be achieved.

Simply put…I believe I can reach them just simply because I’m TELLING myself that I can reach them.

You’d think that that would be a very easy feat for someone. Well..not for me. I’m naturally a negative thinker. It’s very easy for me to tell myself I can’t do anything and VERY VERY hard for me to believe that I CAN do something.  But repetition is key and I find that the more I tell myself I CAN..the more I realize that it’s true.

"I Think I can"...therefore...I CAN!!

The last 4 training sessions have been PHENOMENAL. I’m looking to currently increase my strength on lifts and in turn increase my muscle mass. My current goal is to get as big as possible before mid January.  Hoping to MAYBE start a prep, but that will all be determined on how well I feel my growth has been. I’m at the point now where I’m increasing all my lifts anywhere from 5-20lbs every week (depending on the body part) and let me tell KNOW that I can do that just because I BELIEVE I one of the most confusing things EVER, but I’m going to continue to ride the “I believe I can” train until it runs out.  Good thing is…I have 15 weeks to ride that train till I decide to get off.

Get big..get big..get big..this is what i tell myself over and over.



2 responses to “To be the have to believe you’re The Best

  • Allison Siemens

    You know what Valerie… this is exactly the approach I took to my training for my comp. It’s completely amazing how much our mindset can influence our reality. Everything improved for me 200% once I believed I COULD do it. So happy that you are feeling empowered and confident – you deserve to feel like a champion…because you ARE!!! Keep going!!! xo

    • chocolatemuscle

      Thanks sweetheart 🙂 I’ll admit..I have my up moments (where I believe that I can achieve the impossible) and then I have my low moments where I question my worth and my will to achieve my goals. Right now..I’m working on building my way back up. I have to constantly remind myself that there is an up side and that I have felt it’s power..I just have to get in the habit of making my positive thinking my reality all the time not just some of the time. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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