Today is a new day

~Today is about you. Complete 3 things that will bring you closer to your personal goals~

Yesterday I found this as one of my friend’s statuses on Facebook and it felt like the perfect thing to focus my energy on.  Of course yesterday I totally forgot about it, but you see…I remembered it’s existence and now I’m going to make sure that I do one of these at least every day (lol..or more like twice a week. HEY!!!..dont judge..lmao)

So lately I’ve been letting my personal life affect how well I dedicate time to my diet and training and supplementation, and THAT is not good, especially if I’m trying to reach my very large goal ( pun intended. or wait..maybe it was intended..LMAO).  So basically I have to stop BSing and hunker down and DO THE DAMN THING. No excuses..I spend too much time making excuses as to why my diet and everything else cant be better every day or why I cant be what I want to be. (you’d be surprised..little miss Big Val sometimes fears she wont be able to be BIG VAL). I’ve just got to get it done.

so Here are my 3 Things that will bring me closer to my goal 😉

1. Drink 1.25 gallons of water.  I’ve been slipping. Typically i try to aim for 1 gallon a day, but umm..yea…that’s not working out so well. I’m making excuses as to why it’s ok that i’m not getting my water in. and if i want big muscles and if i want a healthy body, water is not something i can simply skip out on…it’s a MUST!!

2. Take a nap.  You’re probably thinking…”WHHHHAAATT?” but yes..this is something I need to start doing.  Rest is very important for a healthy body and I frankly dont get enough. 1. cause I’m in the “honey moon” stages of my relationship and like a giddy little school girl I LOVE hearing from my instead of taking a nap..I spend time doing frivoulous things cause…I’m a giddy little body builder..HA HA HA. And 2. I dont sleep enough at night..and by not sleeping enough at night…I end up missing out on ..Goal #3 of the day

3. …Training in the morning. I used to train in the morning all the time. Before I was in prep in January..I trained in the morning. When I was in prep for 26 weeks…I trained in the morning. Now that I’m in this weird limbo I’ve been slipping. I find myself sleeping in too much and I miss out on my morning training. And that really pisses me off, cause I HATE training at prime time. I’m the type that loves to role out of bed looking like a monster..put clothes on..drink a the 2 min to the gym and bust out the best lifts of my life. I work best that way..I don’t have to body just KNOWS what to do.

And just because I feel like I need more of a kick in the ass..I’m going to make a Goal #4 for today (since Goal #3 is technically past since it’s not morning anymore..lmao)

The sun makes me feel all things are possible. (too bad it's cold in Reno right now..lmao)

4. Positive Thinking. There is enough positive energy in the world for me to be able to achieve this simple thing. My life isn’t horrible, my goals are not unattainable, I’m healthy and capable…so why is it that I find myself feeling negative more often than I should? There is no good answer for this question..the answer is…I have no reason. End of story. In order for good things to happen to me..I have to believe that they can happen FOR me.  Power of positive thinking.

Chances goals for tomorrow will be just the same goals as today, but hey..its a start. If I can make it so that they are no longer goals to achieve and they become subconcious activities..then I’ll be closer to achieving my goals and they wont be as difficult to reach as I originally thought 🙂 🙂

Happy Hump Day!! 


4 responses to “Today is a new day

  • Erin

    Hey Val!!!!!!!! Hi there! I haven’t read your blog for a while. Love this post and I’m sure you can stick to these goals twice a week. 😉 Although I’m going to push for at least 3 times a week! Haha! You’ve got this you giddly little bodybuilder!!! You’re cracking me up!

    • chocolatemuscle

      ha ha. Hey Erin!!! 🙂 .i know i can stick to those goals twice a week..i mean that my daily goal might need to be a 3day goal..lmao. but’re absolutely right..i need to make it a daily goal..every day of the week. Gotta stop selling myself short :). And i’m glad i crack you up..i suck at telling jokes, but i’m told that i’m quite funny LMAO. 🙂

  • Vick Wowo

    I like it, keep it up Burbery!

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