Slightly annoyed..edging on disappointed

I’ll start this out by saying.  I have nothing against the Women’s Physique category or any competitors, but I’m NOT going to be one of those competitors who decides to switch divisions from Women’s Body Building to WP just because of the rumors that FBB is going to be dropped from the NPC.

Now if you are an FBB competitor and you find that WP fits you and you’d excel better at it..then that’s cool, but as dumb as it sounds..that type of choice effects my future as a competitor and it annoys me ONLY because it means that because of that choice..I might not get a chance to be Ms Olympia.  The more female body building competitors leave the division of body building..the less chance Women’s Body building has a chance in staying a division.

I’ve now found myself in a race against time and I’m not sure I will make it.

For those of you who know me on a great personal level you’ll know how distressing this makes me. I want to be an IFBB Female Bodybuilding Pro more than I’ve wanted ANYTHING.  And to be fearful that I might not get the chance is actually VERY devastating.  Sure there are other reasons why the NPC might drop Women’s Bodybuilding, but this reason just seemed to hit me more than the other reasons. I find a camaraderie with other fbbs in their decisions to go against the grain and embrace the idea of female muscle.  So when so many of them are changing divisions it makes me feel like I’ve lost a sister or that I’ve been betrayed.

But there is nothing I can do about what they decide to do.  All I can do is get there faster than most people believe is possible (hell most people think I’m crazy for believing that I can do it).  I’ve got to get bigger faster and get there before I lose my chance to earn my dream.  If Women’s Bodybuilding in the NPC disappears, I’m NOT going to switch to Women’s Physique.  I desire to be a big muscular woman…I have no desire to lose any of my hard earned size or not be able to get the size I want just because I need to fit into a less muscular (in size) division JUST to get a trophy. I have too much pride for that.  Too much love for the idea of female bodybuilding physiques to do that to myself. And if it means that I will NEVER be an IFBB Pro..then so be it.

My dream is to be a Female Body Builder..and I will not accept anything less than that title, even if there never is a “pro” after it.


2 responses to “Slightly annoyed..edging on disappointed

  • JG

    Great raw honesty, as always – love your blog. I hope you continue to write it – great athletes who are also outstanding communicators are unique, and you will occupy a special niche that should serve you well.

    There are always going to be women who aspire to be the biggest and the best, and others in the public who appreciate the art form, so don’t be discouraged. Judging criteria is fluid, like the rest of life – nothing ever stays the same forever. If you are good enough, you won’t be denied your reward, in one form or another.

    Keep training AND writing!!!

    • chocolatemuscle

      aww..thank you 🙂 I try not to offend anyone in my posts, but i know that i need to stay true to myself and write how i feel no matter how others might view it.
      And i DO believe that my hard work on my physique will be reward one way or the other, but i might have to give up on the reward being named an IFBB Pro. Which..cause i’m a big deal to have a title..but i’m going to keep fighting for my reward 🙂 🙂

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