Meet Viki :) you’re probably thinking that I’m going to be all cool and post a wonderful interview that I did with my friend Viki…well…unfortunately you’re wrong..lmao. Viki is no friend of mine.  Ok well she’s not my enemy either.

Viki is my more adventurous, sexually charged, hotter, sexier, more confident, direct, massive body builder split personality.

LMAO..yes…I have a split personality. I’ve kept her hidden and quiet for much too long, and I’ve decided that if I’m going to accomplish the goals in my life that have been destined for me, then just going to have to learn how to be more like Viki.

I’ve always been shy, nervous around people, insecure, soft spoken, polite..blah blah blah. You know..all the things mousy girls are, but something happened. And Valerie wanted to become a body builder. That type of lifestyle didnt seem to fit with who I’ve been my whole life, but I did notice that Viki has all the qualities that I needed to incorporate into my life so that I may become the insanely muscular, successful body builder that I’ve been dreaming of lately.  I think I’ve finally found a spot in my life to where I can become the whole person that I’ve been suppressing for so many years.   I’m ready! And some people may not like the new me, but what they dont know is that if they REALLY knew me all this time, then they would have gotten mini glimpses of Viki and had probably wondered “wtf Val..did you really just say that?”.

It feels GREAT to feel whole 🙂

Thanks to a certain someone *wink wink*, I’ve noticed how EASY it is to be both Viki and Valerie and  have it not change me. I noticed that I like being confident, and outwardly sexual. I’ve noticed that I LIKE being aggressive and that the idea of being bigger/more muscular does not scare me as much as it once did. I’ve noticed how RIGHT it feels to embrace ME as I was meant to be. And I’m finally at a point in my life where I can truly say that I LOVE MYSELF!!! And I know that I’ve been waiting in my heart for myself to finally come to this point and realize..that I have never had any reason to believe that I wasn’t a whole person. It just took some time for me to learn to embrace me.

Oh and yes…I’m a complete goof ball and I really did start calling myself Viki about 7 years ago when I found out that I had a side of me that TOTALLY conflicted with my persona…LMAO.



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