I’m boring..Fitness IS my life!!: Fitness Blog World

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I wrote my last Fitness Blog World blog and I’m glad my FBW Sisters haven’t come to lay the smack down..ha ha. ..but i’m BACK…and this week’s topic is:

How do you maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle through adversity?
When “life happens”, how do you keep going and stay committed to your goals?
I guess the GOOD and BAD thing about my situation is that I technically have no reason not to focus, buckle down and stay on the right path. All I do is bodybuilding!! When I’m sleeping, I dream about it..when I’m at work..I wish I were at the gym or at a show…when I’m at home I’m either online searching through numerous fbb pics, blogs, posts from any social media site possible or on the phone talking about muscle and growth. Life NEVER gets in the way.My family understands what my goals are and they never get in the way. The friends I DID have that lived close by are no longer in my life because they failed to respect/support my dream. I control what I eat best when I’m at work (as long as I dont pass out on the couch the night before and forget to prep my means).

yea...that's what i look like...just not as cute .lol

So pretty much..I dont have anything in my life that gets in the way of my fitness.  I guess I’m lucky. But I will say that life of a single female bodybuilder is VERY difficult/lonely. Cause as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE eating, breathing, sleeping bodybuilding..not having someone to share it with makes me sad.  the only upside to that is.  I could be a lonely chic who stays at home by herself..has no ambitions or passions and just reads all the time.  So see…I’m just a bb who reads all the time who has a passion.  YEP..I think that’s a decent trade off.
Now if you’re curious to see how a competitor or one of my fitness sisters handle their lifestyle while life gets in the way..check out their blogs and watch as these Badass women remove the stress and persevere through it all 🙂 click on our web blog: http://fitnessblogworld.wordpress.com

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