I love my comfort zones: Fitness Blog World :)

It’s that time again…here is our Fitness Blog World topic for the 1st part of June:

Stepping out of your comfort zone: what are some areas you are needing to develop which require you to step out of your comfort zone? How do you cope with doing this? What are the obstacles? Why is it important to you to do this?

Just need to make the leap..comfort does not equal success...

I’d have to say…EVERYTHING.  i’m the type of person who is terrified of change..I will even do what I can to maintain comfort just because i’m so afraid to leave it. There are some points in my life where change happened for me..and then there are the other times when I had to make the change myself.  Funny how this topic makes me think of bodybuilding..ha ha (i think at this point my brain is 60% bodybuilding and the rest of it is junk..lol).

I’m a very shy person, thus doing body building…stepping on stage and doing a 90 second routine where all eyes are on me..while I flex and pose and sweat my booty off is a huge thing for me.  Still is.  I’m terrified of doing my posing routine..I’m sure bad things will happen and I’ll totally mess up, but I WANT to be a bodybuilder..and if my need to be one is strong enough..I’m going to have to get over my timid nature and just DO THE DAMN POSING ROUTINE.  I need to coach myself to be the center of attention, I need to just jump right into it, or I’ll start stressing out (kind of like I’ve been doing since the start of prep). I guess the only way I know how to get out of my comfort zone is to just JUMP!! Dont think about it..(or think too hard about it) but just do it. I have no choice..I can’t be stuck in a comfortable place  my entire life or I’m never going to accomplish those goals that I desperately want to accomplish.

The only obstacle is me!! I know that by making changes and by removing myself from my comfort zone that I will be able to succeed at more things, but I’ve found in myself that I’m all too happy NOT succeeding.  Sitting in my happy/sad place saying to myself  “the world is not fair” and “hard working people never get what they want”…and it’s BS!!  I need to learn that feeling that way..or allowing myself to feel that way because I refuse to embrace change and move out of my comfort zone is NOT acceptable.

Bodybuilding is my 1st step to reaching outside of my comfortable bubble. Hopefully with this mindset…once I succeed (WIN) I’ll be able to say to myself…”see Val…moving outside your comfort zone wasn’t too bad now was it”.

I’m looking forward to breaking down more walls..and allowing myself to live 🙂

Make sure to check out what my #fitnessblogworld sisters have to say about how they handle comfort zones and what in their lives makes them feel the need to take that leap..click on our web blog: http://fitnessblogworld.wordpress.com  or click on the many links below. KISSES!!

Alli 🙂

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2 responses to “I love my comfort zones: Fitness Blog World :)

  • A Fine Balance

    OMG YOU are ME! I REALLY REALLY WANT NOTHING MORE THAN TO BE A FIGUTRE COMPETITIOR! But I hate the spotslight and am inherently shy and I freak out constantly that I am going to fall flat on my face during the the little bit of a mortifying routine….(dont get me wrong I love EVERYTHING about training) its the getting up on stage to strut my stuff thign thats got me all in a twist.

    Happy to know its not only me that has these terrifying moments!

    • chocolatemuscle

      ha ha..no not just you AT ALL. i’m so scared..sometimes i avoid practicing my routine. not sure why (self sabotage?) i just know i’ve got to get over it. cause if i dont make myself perfect doing my routine and quarter turns now…then i’ll REALLY blow on stage..ha ha 🙂

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