AYE DIOS!! I’m becoming a girl!!

I mean DUH..I AM a girl, but ewwww..lmao

Something has gone horribly wrong! I can’t stop looking in the mirror, I’m beginning to think i’m super gorgeous even without make up and shopping for bikinis, lingerie and short dresses are beginning to take up my free time. Not to mention..I’m so amped for the next time I can go get my nails refilled at a salon..lmao.

I thought i was becoming a monster when I talk about how big i want to get as a body builder..but all the while underneath a demonic prissy girl was being born..HA HA.

I even spent 10 min at walmart looking at rings yesterday.  Annoyed that they didnt have the pretty one in my size.  No i’m getting engaged..no..i was cheap shopping for rings to put on my fingers to accentuate the beauty of my nails. *sigh*. Once I realized what I was doing I dropped all rings I had in my hands and ran out of there ASAP. (I dont even want to mention what would happen if I ventured into the make up isle)..lol.  Good thing I never go to the mall, or all my money would be spent at MAC.

please slap me if you ever see me THIS into myself...

Of course..this girly girl change is because of my phsyical change..due in part to leaning down and getting ready for my show (9 weeks 5 days out). This new slender yet muscular Valerie is very unfamiliar to me. She thinks she can just take over…look at herself in the mirror and saunter in a certain way…SHE’S CRAZY I tell you!! Taking over my damn life..lol.

Hmmm..but then again..am I really that angry at her for trying to?

Damn it..I’m a tomboy..who’s boring, reads books and has limited friends, so then tell me why I’m agreeing with New Val and wishing I had a mini dress to flaunt my long muscular legs in? Yes..i’m loving her…I’m admitting it.  I’m becoming “prissied out” ..as I told my BB coach’s wifey when she dragged me to go get my nails done.  Ok well she didnt really drag me..I was WAY too happy to go with her..claiming that I had no intention of being glammed out..lmao. LIAR..yep..I’m a liar..lol.

Ok..done talking now..i’ve got to go look at more bikinis..lol


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