Changes..good..and better ;)

Can we say..STRESSFUL!!?!

Yea..very stressful. This weekend i had to overcome a TON of obstacles, but i think with change comes a better outcome. I had originally planned on making my BB debut in San Jose on July 9th, but thing is…i’m just not ready.

I’ve been in contest prep for the last 18 weeks..and my body is still struggling with burning enough fat. At this point..Ishould have been 10-12%bf and 195…but instead i’m sitting at 201-204lbs @ 25%bf. NOT GOOD..not good at all. So after some needed crying and hitting of walls (yea..I can be violent sometimes, but I try to keep THAT Valerie..locked away) coach and I decided that I was not going to do that show.

As some of you know..I’m on a very strict contest prep diet and training schedule…Why? Well I’m not sure if you know..but Female BBs strive to hit the stage at around 6-10%body fat..and takes a VERY strict diet/training (or steroids) to get there. I’m not ready to make the leap to using just yet..I want to see what my body’s potential is before I even seriously consider using any kind of hormone supplementation. My coach’s methods are heavy lifting, super sets, giant sets, and very VERY minimal cardio.  Not trying to lose the muscle Ive gained..that’s not what bodybuilders do.  Sure there are some that can get away with tons of cardio..but not me. I’ve always had weight gain issues while doing cardio..and I’m a closet meathead..I DONT want to lose ANY

Yep...that's what i look like when passed out. Cute

There are several factors into why I’m having such a hard time losing the fat to get down to weight. 1. Seasonal: for some reason Reno (the desert) is still in winter/spring.  My body is always cold and my metabolism isn’t firing properly. I’d like to think of it as…THIS Sexy Bear is still hibernating!!! To remedy until the sun does come out..I’m wearing sweats to the gym and sweating my booty off. (totally nasty feeling sweat dripping down your arm in the thickest sweatshirt EVER) lol.  2. Diet issues: because my metabolism is not firing…I have a hard time being hungry, thus..I’ve missed some late night meals and wasn’t consistent with my meal plan on a timely basis EVERYDAY.  3. My metabolism sucks!!! Yep..always been hard for me to lose fat. I mean DAMN…I started gaining weight when I was 12 running track. My body is a HATER!! lmao.

(Wow…get back to the story Val…lol)

So yea..We decided that a later show would be better.  So right now..i’m prepping for Anaheim, CA on August 13th. This is GREAT news!! Why? I get 5 additional weeks to prep, which means I will come out looking sexier and harder on stage with ALOT less fat (i’m going to kick  my body’s ass if she doesn’t get up to speed..lmao).’s 1 month before my 26th birthday. For years..I’ve told myself that I will not go into another year of my life FAT (ok I know I’m not fat, but i’m using my 12 year old brain bare with me..lmao). and i’m DETERMINED to make that statement true this year. 1 Month before my birthday…1 month before MR. OLYMPIA!! I’m excited to make this year..the year I accomplish my life long goal 🙂


9 responses to “Changes..good..and better ;)

  • ihearteggs

    I think choosing a later show date is the best idea… it’s not always what we want (i had to do the same thing year!) but if you know you wont be ready, that’s just the way it goes. if I’ve learned anything there is ALWAYS anotehr show. 🙂

    • chocolatemuscle

      yea..looking back at it. i was so mad that i had to because for me that was conceding defeat…the only reason why i was able to stop being angry at myself was by choosing another show to do..lmao. I’m so odd sometimes.

  • A Fine Balance

    YOu an I are very similar the fact that A) I AM ALWAYS COLD! I sit with a heat pad at work spring, fall, summer and winter

    B) I am bad with eating all my prescribed meals because I am just not hungry!

    Thank you soooo much for your words of encouragement yesterday. I powered through…I did not cheat, but missed my cardio last night. not a big deal and ill just get it in tomorrow 🙂

    and pushing aback a little is not the end of the world. I was thinking of doing a show in april when I realised that MENTALLY i would not be ready

    I am for July…and keep pushing forward you will do this!

    • chocolatemuscle

      aww…i’m glad my words helped 🙂 i look forward to following you as you make this grueling process into your show 🙂 yea..always cold..never hungry..ha ha. totally sucks when you’re trying to revv your metabolism and it just doesn’t want to work..ha ha.
      but you’re going to do GREAT. a friend of mine told me that i should push it back..and it was about 1 week before i decided that i would. I just kept thinking about how she is usually right about these it made my stress over having to change it FAR less 🙂

  • passlakeprincess

    There is nothing wrong with a later show date. Our bodies don’t always do what we want them do on the schedule we want. I made the same decision last year to change my competition from April 2011 to October 2011. It was a hard choice to make at first, but in the end it was the best decision I ever made because I’ll be in even better shape come October and I’m so hungry for prep. This bodybuilding thing is a life long process. Enjoy the process.

    • chocolatemuscle’re so right. i’m looking forward to these extra 5 weeks of prep. sure that would mean i’m doing a 30 week prep..but it’s i’m finally starting to drop fat. dropped 3lbs in 4 days as opposed to 3 lbs in 1.5 months (this winter has been mean to me,.lol). but i’m good was an awesome DECISION 🙂

  • thefitwriter

    Hey! I just found your blog – am adding you to my google reader. There aren’t so many female BB (as opposed to figure) blogs out there it seems. Best of luck with your prep! Nic

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