Observations from the StepMill (Episode 1)

I train at a 24 Hour Fitness that is right outside my bedroom window.  I purposefully moved to this apartment complex JUST so i could be closer to the gym (4 years ago..lol).

I’m 7.25 weeks out from my first BB show and my coach has me doing night cardio on the step mill. As you might have read in another blog..i’m TERRIFIED of this damn machine, but i will say i’ve been doing a good job of conquering my fear. So the reason why i’m afraid of this machine is cause i’ve fallen off it cause i was going to fast AND because the stepmills at 24 hour are on the edge of a balcony overlooking the weight room.  I’m afraid of heights..so being up there..looking ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE..is scary..lol.

And from this vantage point..i see some of the WEIRDEST people ever.  Only at night do the freaks come out….

tonight was a little harder than most nights.not only am i still sore from my quad day on Monday..i’m now sore from my hammie day from Wednesday, so taking those stairs one at a time was BRUTAL..my legs didnt want to lift themselves..ha ha. So..i had to focus on something else.

There was a fairly fit man and his very very skinny girlfriend lifting legs down below in the weight room. I’m assuming she was his girlfriend cause whenever they weren’t lifting..she was all over him..and she giggled alot. not only was she wearing the skimpiest tank top ever, but it appeared to be that she could give a SHIT about lifting.  I felt bad for him..he was maticulously trying to teach her how to leg press, dead lift..etc.  And you could tell she didnt care at all. I mean hell..if a girl that skinny wanted to lift weights..she would have done so a while ago. You dont just jump into lifting..it becomes you..(yes..i know i’m cheesy). the girl couldn’t even push the Leg Press sled with NO plates on it..i mean. that sled is like 45-65lbs depending on which type..and she could barely lift it. and here he is trying so hard to get her to like lifting..to do it with proper form and ROM and all she did was keep giggling, playing with her hair and trying to touch him.

it reminded me of that thing that insecure women do..we train ourselves to like EVERYTHING our men like..just so they will like us. It’s the “high school” trick.  And what’s worse…everyone in the gym was watching him try to teach her this stuff knowing damn well that he was TRYING to make her like what he liked. When will people learn..you can’t make someone into someone you will like. And you can’t make yourself into someone that you’re NOT.

These are my observations from the Stepmill..there’s more to come (like that freaky guy who doesn’t stop staring at me…UGH!!)


5 responses to “Observations from the StepMill (Episode 1)

  • passlakeprincess

    am i a sick person because I love the stepmill? My trainer has me banned from cardio at the moment. It’s turning me into a crazy person. Last night was the perfect night for a jog *le sigh*

    p.s. Speaking of strange people at the gym. We have an elderly man with a moustache that walks on the treadmill in a wrestling outfit (yes, those shorts with the suspenders!)

    • chocolatemuscle

      HA HA..no you’re not crazy AT ALL. that’s just bad @ss!! I’m trying to get used to it..lol.
      and the reason i have episodes of my observations..is cause just like you..on man..there is this old guy who puts on all his thick sweat clothes then a towel(bath) over his head while on the step mill..and he just POURS sweat on the machine..lmao..it’s so funny!!

      • passlakeprincess

        there was the one guy at the gym that used to spray sweat on the treadmill. You had to run two treadmills away from him because he would shower you with his sweat if you were on the treadmill beside him. He’s lucky he never slipped in his own sweat.

  • Karla

    The stepmill terrifies me. I have fallen off multiple times, yet I keep climbing back on that evil machine of doom because saints help me, I love the benefits! I usuall look forward to working out at my gym, but I avoid Wednesdays because that is the day the 70+ year old guy likes to spend HOURS on the stationary bike in a pair of teensy tiny briefs with his hairy saggy booty cheeks hanging out. He brings his own personal fan from home. Why? *shudder*

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