I’m turning into a monster!!

HA..an awesomely, fabulous, muscular monster that is..YEP!!

Today (or just now..shh don’t tell) i was in the women’s restroom all by myself at work..and i totally caught myself checking myself out. YES..i was like “how you doin babe?”  Ok..no i totally didnt do that..but while washing my hands i looked up and noticed that my boobs are turning into pecs.

Ok..well maybe THIS She Hulk has pecs 😉 YAY!!

WHAT!!?!  Yes..my pecs are starting to come in. I’ve always had huge DD breasts and technically i still am a DD, but my chesticles are starting to pop out on top..giving me this “I am She Hulk” appearance (ok well technically she has no pecs, but if she were as buff as she is SUPPOSED to be..she would..lol).  And i desperately love having big tits..it’s always been my thing *wink*, but hey..if i have to lose them at some point in achieving my 4% bf during comp season..then i guess i’ll have to let the girls go.

Now..the whole “standing in the mirror and watching myself” thing wasn’t the part that makes me feel like i’m turning into a sexy bodybuilder monster..it was what i did after…

I proceeded to flex.  and flex ALOT..like i was just breaking out in poses..mostly poses that would accentuate my newly identified pecs. And oh man..i will have to say..i’m going to have a nice set of pecs when i’m done. This whole thing makes me want to to train chest again just so i can feel the strain on my muscles 🙂 (Muscle Pain Masochist…right here!!). I’m going to need to start tanning soon so that i can see more definition overall.  Is it weird..that a woman made of chocolate (black..lol) wants to tan?  YEP!!, but it’s for the greater good of my self esteem. Once i get to see my muscles through my skin better with an overall coat of color..then i’ll be that much more motivated to see myself better developed.

Anything that helps motivate is a GOOD thing 🙂


2 responses to “I’m turning into a monster!!

  • passlakeprincess

    Babe I too am morning the inevitable loss of my boobs. They were fantastic, but they are slowly disappearing. But I’m ok with it, I want muscles more. As long as I keep my glorious ass 😛

    • chocolatemuscle

      HA HA..right!! the good thing is that pecs look good (on some women)..so if you have no boobies anymore..it still makes you look like you’ve got great cleavage. you can’t have pecs without awesome shoulders and arms..so you most likely look like a total goddess. Who says we need boobs? (ok..i still want boobs..ha ha ha)

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