So This week has begun Phase VI of my training..i’m pretty sure it will change again next week. This is the time to  NOT adapt..this is the time to adjust, shake it up and kick my ass!! Or that’s what my coach would say if he were killing me on a daily basis and make me crawl around the gym floor begging for mercy.

Ok..it's a little uglier than i thought. NOT feeling the cocoon..LMAO

Typically what my coaches do for training is MASSIVE supersets/circuit training, but they are in Phoenix..and i have no spotter to help pick me up in those points of failure when you can no longer feel your lats or the back of your arms cause you’re dying on the floor attempting an extremely light lat pull down..HA HA.  I personally LOVE the way they train. I dont believe anyone trains so hardcore..and i think that is the Number 1 reason why their athletes almost rarely do cardio for more than 2 weeks (at the end of prep).  The Diet is prepared so well, the training so hardcore that at the end of all it’s like a butterfly floating out of her cocoon. You come out HARD, RIPPED, FIRM AND JUST PERFECT!! Well that’s my belief from what i’ve seen with the work they’ve done. They are intense..and they let me complain (sometimes, although i think Chris just does it cause i’m amusing sometimes..lmao).

Well anyway..today was quad day..or something that looked alot like it. The calves in the beginning (although very intense this week) and forearm/ab work at the end are ALWAYS there..i think he wants me to get big forearms!! LMAO..I’m all for it..:)

Let’s just say these are NOT my max lifts..this is what happens when you’ve been on contest prep for 16 weeks and you’re cals are so low that you’re always  sleeping.  I’d say this is about maybe 55% of my max. So yea…did i mention that at the end of this training day i felt like i was going to pass out??  yea..it killed me. and i have to go back tonight for cardio on the step mill and pull ups.  I will say…i was ANNOYED with how i trained.  Not that i didnt train till the point where i felt a burning in my chest that wouldn’t go away for hours, but it was because i know i could have gone HARDER!! I dont like walking away and not feeling as though i laid it out (even though i almost threw up..lmao)

Ok ..so here’s what i did:

Superset: (6 Sets)

**Seated Calf Raises (115lbs x 15 reps)

**Standing Calf Raises (2 sets @ 250lbs, 4 sets @ 240lbs) x 15 reps
**Iso. Calf Raise (2 sets @ 25lb plate, 4 sets no weight) x15
Superset:(3 Sets)
**Walking Lunges:  (2-25lb plates each hand) – 20ft
**Seated Leg extension: 15 reps @ 80lbs
Superset: (3 Sets)
 **Walking lunges:  (2-25lb plates each hand) – 20ft
 **Smith Machine Squats (Pause on last 5 reps): x15 (115#, 135#, 145#)
Superset:(3 Sets)
** Walking Lunges:  (2-25lb plates each hand) – 20ft
 **Hack Squats : 15 reps @ (90lbs + sled)**not sure how much weight the sled is 😦

Seated Leg extension 5×15 @ 80lbs

Superset:(Multiple Sets)
Ab Work 7×15
Dumbbell Forearm Curls 3×15 (15#, 203, 25#)
Reverse Cable Curls 3×15 (50#, 60#, 70#)
So umm  yea..It’s been 9 hrs since i trained..and i’m sure i’m not going to make it to the door to leave work. JUST MY LUCK..ha ha..i like training..it’s who i am 🙂

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