Does it happen to Everyone?

The WONDERFUL ladies of  #fitnessblogworld have decided that THIS week we will be discussing how we deal with naysayers and the haters that don’t support us as we strive for our own fitness greatness and our rise to our own perfections 🙂 And thus…i wonder..does this happen to everyone?

I’ve been in contest prep for going on 16 weeks now, and i’ve only decided that i was going to do Women’s Bodybuilding and NOT Figure for about 10 of those weeks.  I’m not sure if it happens to everyone in contest prep, but i find that now that i’m doing BB people are alot less respective of my choice.

It was one thing when they were annoyed that i couldn’t hang out with them, or that i wouldn’t call them cause i was too busy sleeping..or even that i wouldn’t attend their office celebrations because of the conflict with my diet and their hearty, high in fat foods, but now it’s just out of control.  I’m finding myself getting more angry that people just CHOOSE to not understand. And worse they accuse me of wanting to be a man because i’m striving for more muscle than the average woman.

This could happen to YOU on contest prep. Be AWARE!!

In the past what i’ve done is i’ve just cut those people out of my life. if you dont respect my lifestyle, if you choose to let my pleading words of “i’m sorry…i’m just too tired to see you today” go in one ear and out the other, then i’m just not having it.  YOU’RE OUT!! yea that might sound mean, but seriously if you respect our friendship..and you understand how important competing means to me, or even how important this lifestyle means to me, then how DARE you call yourself my friend. Especially when on a weekly basis get mad at me for not skipping one training session…or staying awake long enough to drive the 40 min to see you when you know it’s dangerous for me to be on the road and be as exhausted as i am.  I dont call that person a friend.

I think i was just in a place in my life where i had too many “aquaintances” that didnt really care about ME, but cared about what i could do for them.  And i think when it came down to my health and competing and the disrespect..they crossed a line that i was no longer afraid to cross.

Now as far as the people who question how ridiculous it is for me to be a woman and wants to put on as much muscle as possible, well..those people don’t exist to me. I dont give them a second thought. It’s not worth my time, and i’m not going to spend it explaining it to someone who is close minded.

So..if you want to see how my #fitnessblogworld sisters handle their on our web blog:  or click on the many links below. KISSES!!

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8 responses to “Does it happen to Everyone?

  • Allison Siemens

    YOU are AMAZING girl!! It takes a lot of courage to go against the grain, doing what’s best for YOU and make the personal sacrifices necessary to see it thru. Congrats on your progress, both personally & in your training!!

    • chocolatemuscle

      aww..thanks Alli 🙂 I dont think of myself as going against the grain, but then again i’ve always struggled with molding myself. I try hard to be as truthful to myself as possible (but of course sometimes we all fail). I appreciate you KISSES 🙂


    I Like you.

  • parksfitness

    I have just recently decided that I would cut those type of people out of my life as well and they really don’t understand…. I am just glad I am not alone. I am just starting out on my journey to compete in Ms. Fitness but I have a few steps to get through before I start my Competition prep. Dana Linn Bailey posted a link to your blog on her Facebook page and ever since I have been hooked on reading it. You are an inspiration and keep doing what your doing!

    • chocolatemuscle

      aww 🙂 that was the sweetest thing i’ve heard since. Thank you. I had no idea she posted it to her facebook..that was nice of her.
      yea..i’m not the type to stand up for myself and just cut people out. of course it took some time for me to do it..but once i became less and less hard. And i would say since i let those people go, i’ve found out so much about the things that i like to do..and how empowered i am to move further. it’s like they weren’t just holding me back verbally and not supporting me, it turned out they did a number on my psychologically (not on purpose though). i’m refreshed. And i’m really glad you enjoy my blog..that really means alot 🙂 🙂

  • Andy

    first of all beauty is subjective.myself and many-many others think that muscled women are far more sexier than sum anorexic model.ok.maybe sum fbb’s have very harsh characteristics in their face but 90 percent of them are totally hot ladies.women like lenda,yaxeni,alina etc are the far opposite of what haters think they are.its just that we live in an age of stereotypes.
    look at all these brilliant female portraits from the renaissance.its clear that artists saw beauty in women that today are called fatties.also check out the greek statues of muscle there but nice rounded, miss chocolate and all the others just like you, should just ignore all the morons.they are trolls.period.guys deprived of sex and generally of genuine human relations that spit hate from behind anonymity and a computer screen towards women who deserve admiration first of all for their dedication to what they do.
    All best wishes to you and your loved ones from a new “fan” from far away.i just found out about you and i really cant wait to see you evolving to exactly what you wish to evolve.You in contest shape would cause riots among us fbb loving guys.
    Andy from far away Greece

    • chocolatemuscle

      aww..that was VERY sweet of you thank you. I completely is subject..i’m just glad taht i’ve accepted myself as beautiful and have goals taht will lead me to an even sexier me 🙂 and thank you once again my muscle loving friend 🙂

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