I want to be apart of THAT couple…

Yes..THAT couple.

The more and more i get into bodybuilding the more and more i see that this type of couple is possible. For me that is.

I’m talking about the powerhouse bodybuilding/fitness couple.  They train together, compete together, push through the difficulties of contest prep together..from what i’ve seen IT’S PERFECT. Not saying that other couples can’t be AS in sync, but i have yet to see the type of connection i see amongst the kind of couple i wish that i one day could be a part of.

My coach and his beautiful woman (Chris and Tasha) are a perfect example of this kind of power couple. During my last visit to train with the coaches and team in Phoenix last month i had the opportunity to crash at their place while i was there. Let me tell you witnessing that type of connection made me feel envious. I WANT THAT KIND OF CONNECTION damnit!! lol.  He is her coach as well so he designs her diet for her too, and it’s funny cause just like any contest prep woman if she gets moody..he brushes it off..if she is tired he doesn’t give her grief about always being tired. and i know she is the exact same way with him as he is with her. You should see them interact ..it’s so cute. they move around the kitchen as one solid unit..IT’S AWESOME!

Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey..Another Power couple that i admire!!

I’m doing a very poor job of describing what i see when it comes to the power couple. I guess words just cant describe the elation i feel when i see these kinds of couples. I notice more and more how often these couples are popping up.
And i can only imagine how the intimacy works in with being so in sync in every day life. I dont want to be in a relationship where my partner doesn’t understand the difficulties that i’m going through..or have the same ambition i do when it comes to training, dieting and gaining muscle. That kind of relationship is VERY hard. Not to mention that when you are in contest prep you’re contstantly stressed because you’re trying desperately not to be a bitch because you KNOW the other person will take offense (stress = Increase in retention of water). I just feel and have witnessed that when a couple is more in sync with their goals and desires it makes the efforts in a relationship EFFORTLESS!! Which is what i need.

I want to be able to wake up to my man desperately trying to wake me up cause it’s 4:30am and we need to get ready to train. I want to have that stressed feeling when he and i are rushing around the kitchen putting our next 4 pre-cooked meals in tupperware cause we plan to train for hours. I want to be able to rely on him to help bush me to failure and spot me when i need those last few heavy reps in. I want to be able to go home and pass out with him on the bed because we are too exhausted to do anything else. I want to have a bodybuilding life with a partner who IS bodybuilding with me.

I’m a muscle nerd..and i need a muscle nerd that understands!! I”m just saying 🙂

Muscle Nerd!! Yes..i wear glasses (but not often..lmao)


15 responses to “I want to be apart of THAT couple…

  • bikiniorbust

    You are adorable!! I think you should wear the glasses more often!! 🙂

    My hubby is not into bodybuilding AT ALL, but he is into ME. He totally gets me and all my weird needs and quirks and is super supportive. He always makes sure that I have my food with me, never questions my high maintenance needs anymore, and is happy to have me be up at 4:30 am every morning to train. It would be tons of fun to train together as well, but what’s most important is that he supports me 100%.

    Yay for men that understand and support their strong women. 🙂 🙂

    • chocolatemuscle

      you know it’s funny. when i was writing this post i thought about the lucky ones like you. Who have men in their lives that GET IT. But i honestly think i can’t be that lucky.
      ha ha..isn’t that sad? but i am happy for you. it really helps to have someone who COMPLETELY has your back and understands you the way he does. KISSES 🙂

      • bikiniorbust

        You will totally be that lucky. I have no doubt that the man you choose to share your life with will get you, otherwise YOU won’t choose HIM. So until you choose the best man for you, you get to go be your fabulous self all over the place with your big, fabulous girl muscles!! 🙂

      • chocolatemuscle

        HA HA..that totally made me laugh in a moment where laughing was not supposed to be possible. I’m exhausted today..lmao. THANKS LOVE!!

    • passlakeprincess

      Ditto the glasses, I freakin love them!
      I’m in the same position as Donloree. My husband is not into bodybuilding. He works super duper hard for our small business so that he can support us and I appreciate that so much.

      I too can totally understand your lust for the power couple, it would be very fun to have someone going through everything as the same time as you, but having a partner to who loves you unconditionally is just as awesome. 😀

      p.s. You too can be a lucky one. It wasn’t until I met Wayne that I realized I could find a partner that would give me what I deserved. I spent so much of life settling thinking that I would never be a lucky one, so untrue!

      • chocolatemuscle

        aww…you 2 need to stop rubbing in your perfect (non competing) men..HA HA.
        I dont know…i just think i need a bber for a husband..lmao. I’m not going to go look for one of course, i just think that if i’m going to make this 80% of my life..then i need someone to be 80% in there with me. I’m a loner..i dont have many friends, so i consider my partner to be the BEST friend i could ever have.
        I’m happy for you though hun..and YES..you are one of the lucky onces 🙂

  • Kendra Warren

    OMG I ditto this entire blog post!! I’m still waiting tOo girl!

  • Bry

    This is the way I feel about my boyfriend and I. After already being together for over 5 years, we started this massive lifestyle change together, and its the best thing that we have ever done. He is my motivation and I am his, we keep each other accountable, train together, and work as a team to overcome any obstacles that stand in our way! ❤

    • chocolatemuscle

      awww..that’s great. Congratulations. That’s the way it should be. I’m not sure how some people in a relation ship can be so split. When you see your partner wanting to be fit..why would you continue to eat poorly and not support. With these other women (my #fitnessblogworld sisters) they are lucky..their partners are very supportive and they dont need to be competitors to do so.
      You’re a lucky woman..you dont find relationships as in sync as yours and your boyfriend 🙂 🙂

  • Andy

    im thin but if u marry me i ll train with u all day long!

    just found out about this blog and you.are you planning on competing someday?you look absolutely stunning.

    all best wishes to you.hope u find what you are looking for.

  • BBmao

    You are very beutiful.. i don’t think you are nerd.. just funny!

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