Did you realize that i’m TOTALLY Fab?!!

Yea…it’s true!!

I’m not sure what it is (of course i know what it is..lmao), but for some reason i’m starting to like the view in the mirror when i walk by it.  I’m starting to feel the tingling sensation of arrogance ..or maybe it’s confidence..i’m not sure, but it creeps on me like a sneeze..and then i push it away.

I’ve never been one to look at myself and think that i’m beautiful, or smart, and especially not one to think that i had a great body. That’s just not me and it never has been. So why is it that now..now that i’m transforming my body and changing it for the better to make it my-kind-of-perfect am i trying so desperately to keep my excitement about these changes my dirty little secret?

Cause i’m crazy. Yep..i’m crazy!! I need to stop fooling myself and understand that i’m worth a damn.  That i have value. My happiness means something and i am a very gorgeous woman and i’m doing my damndest to allow myself to be able to see that.

DAMN IT…I’M FABULOUS.  Others know it..so why don’t i?

Oh..btw..i'm told on a DAILY basis that i look like Beyonce. hmm???

I need to stop worrying about the why and just let it happen. If i want to stand in the mirror a couple more seconds to stare in astonishment as my waist gets smaller..or to take notice of how sexy my smile is..i should just do it!!

I’m just #beingfab 🙂


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